Military Intelligence Brigade (Theater) Canvas

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A business model provides alignment of strategies and conceptual strategy execution to business processes. It also provides useful insights about the procedures and techniques that business corporation use when adding value to their customers (Morgan, 2006, p. 21). Business models canvas assist enterprises by providing an in-depth analysis of business processes. In 2015, Africa experienced a rise in the level of terrorism. Especially in East Africa where Al-Shabaab proved its resilience from a number of setbacks it suffered in 2015. This essay has selected 207th Military Intelligence (Theater) Brigade to analyze their business model canvas.

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According to Morgan suggests that, organizations have used metaphorical analysis to address design, culture, and development studies. For instance, there are two different cultures that stand out today that is; organic vision and mechanic vision (Morgan, 2006, p. 28).

The first view which relates to metaphor of organization ‘machines’ shows that management and structural aspects of business is significant. While the second view implies the survival, stability and adaption as well as characteristics related to human resource management, which is the main orientation in businesses (Morgan, 2006, p. 33). The introduction of business model has assisted organizations to implement business ideas developed through research (Bolman & Deal, 2013, p. 22). Businesses researchers and academicians have made contribution to findings and research writings for example Osterwalder and Pigneur, Head and Kalling. Moreover a business model assist entrepreneur to draw logical actions on how to manufacture goods and services that meet their customer needs and gain economic value (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2013, p. 13)

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Key partnerships

Key partnership discusses the necessary partners or suppliers that make business model work. Military Brigade major partners include U.S Army Intelligence and Security command. The new brigade consists of 67th MI Brigade in Germany, and Wiesbaden. The aim is to provide tactical intelligence to assist AFRICOM operations in fighting Boko Haram and Al-shabab that are ranked the world’s deadliest terror group. In addition, the US will serve as the brigade headquarters to support reconnaissance and global intelligence surveillance requirement.

Key Activities

Key activities illustrate specific actions that an organization must follow in order to achieve their business model. The technique is also similar to key resources that are required to offer and create a value proposition, customer base, and a market segment. The brigade accomplishes this task by providing intelligence oversight for African forces as well as US forces. It also provides theatre wide training assistance to the US Army in Africa. The brigade plays a significance role ensuring that soldiers get opportunities to build relationships with African soldiers as well as deploy austere environment.

Value proposition

Value proposition is at the heart of business model canvas. Since business model discusses matters that are external and internal in nature, the ability to generate value is a vital component. In fact, most activities of the business model focuses around the internal component. Performance is a key component to the Brigade success in areas of operation. On a given day, more than 600 soldiers are deployed to different countries in Africa to carry out security cooperation activities. It also plans to continue conducting readiness-training exercises for example live-fire training.

Customer relationships

In business model, customer relationships determine what form of relationship that an enterprise creates with specific customer segments. In the case of military intelligence brigade, customer relationships is enhanced through building strong relationships with joint forces such as 30th medical brigade, 20th Engineer Brigade, 101st Sustainment Brigade and !4th Expeditionary Support Command. Similarly, it continues to establish strong relationships with African Security forces for example AMISOM as well as the US AFRICOM. Moreover, the brigade intends to improve regional critical incidence response capabilities of law enforcement.

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Customer Segments

The brigade area of operations in Africa is divided into different segments depending on the level of threats witnessed within the regions. For example, it aims to create a Multi-National Joint Task Force to counter Boko Haram efforts in Nigeria, Cameroon, Benin, Lake Chad Basin, and Niger. Likewise, it intends to collaborate with regional East Africa Counterterrorism in order to minimize the operation capacity of terrorist networks.


Channels determine how an enterprise communicates or reaches its customer segments to achieve value proposition. The brigade’s main communication centre will be in US under department of defense. It will also serve as headquarter to support reconnaissance and global intelligence surveillance requirement.


The business model canvas is a great tool for creating and brainstorming an overview plan for organizations. It provides alignment of strategies and conceptual strategy execution to business processes. Organizations and other enterprises benefits from in-depth analysis of business processes through key partnerships, key activities, value proposition, customer relationships, and channels.

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