Performance Improvement

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The earlier recommendations for high reliability within the organization lied heavily with staffing and how improving it would increase reliability. In light of information by McLaughlin & Olson (2012), it is important to consider the financial issues such as improving the financial situation of the health care facility. When the financial performance is improved, then there will be available plans to train staff on safety issues as well as put in place measures to maintain the safety of the patients and the staff as well.

The recommendations made earlier also need to slightly change and focus also on the leadership. This does not lead to abandonment of the staffing and safety issues, but it is to further strengthen the recommendations. When there is a strong leadership that is set on implementing changes in the health care organization, then high reliability is bound to be facilitated easily and quickly. Leaders put strategies in place, seek the best employees to carry out the role and ensure the rest of the staff also participate in various issues as well (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2015).

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The previously recommended steps simply need to be refined in the areas of getting more personnel to handle the safety checks routinely. There also needs to be more people that can be trained as they should work on shift basis or find easy replacement. They need to be expanded on the issue of providing string leadership to facilitate the high reliability and increase financial performance to ensure an increase in the quality of care that aims to be improved with high reliability.

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