Political Career of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

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The political career of Rishi Sunak is best described as a grass to grace since it is filled with anecdotes of resilience, patience, and determination. From humble beginnings, which made him depend on scholarships to study, Sunak rose from the ashes to become one of the most influential people in the world of politics. Although he began his career as a black minority ethnic research unit leader, his resilience made him climb the political ladder to become the youngest Prime Minister in the UK (Sullivan, 2022). His primary political prepositions majored in creating a sustainable economy, defense, and foreign affairs. Based on his progressive political approach and focus on meritocracy Sunak will provide economic prudence and later resign from office.

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Political Career

Rishi Sunak was born in Southampton to a family of African immigrants who worked in the health service industry. His parents struggled and enrolled him in a private school and a prestigious university, where he pursued politics, philosophy, and economics. He also furthered his studies and graduated from Stanford University with a Master’s in business administration. Sunak interned at a conservative campaign headquarters (Edobor, 2021). This post gave him proficiency and relevance in the political arena since he later served as a minister in finance when Boris Johnson appointed him. However, his ambitions could not allow him to be comfortable in his position since he resigned as Boris’s minister and became the conservative party’s leader. He proposed various amends, including removing value-added tax from household energy (Witty, 2020). Such proposals made him popular among the people and steered his prowess toward political relevance.

He progressed to the chief secretary to the treasury, a demanding job he executed successfully. He gained much admiration due to the various prepositions he made with the onset of Covid-19, which also helped establish his political career as a dependable leader (Edobor, 2021). He also served as the chancellor of the Exchequer in 2020, a direct nomination based on perceived meritocracy (Witty, 2020). He was appointed to this new post by Boris Johnson but resigned, citing a difference in the economic restoration approach.

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Sunak stood by the conservative party leader to replace former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. However, the contested elections saw Sunak lose the position to Liz Truss, a former Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs. Sunak’s rise to the Prime Minister’s position is attributed to the chaos that occurred due to the nationwide economic crisis. A month after being appointed by the Monarch Liz Truss, she stepped away from the seat after a disastrous financial plan that saw the government plunged into chaos. The leadership contest began head hunting for the next person to fill the gap as immediate national elections were established to occur. Sunak was elected unopposed as the majority party’s leader and replaced Liz Truss to become one of the youngest serving Prime Ministers (Aljazeera, 2022). All these indicated that the people believed in his ability to lead the country to economic stability.

Predictions on Sunak’s Governance

Change is expected after the leadership role shifted to the conservative party wing. Sunak is an activist known for his proactive engagements in policy change and implementation to serving people’s needs (Edobor, 2021). He relates with the less fortunate since he was raised in a humble background that saw them struggle to make ends meet. Some of the iconic prepositions made as Britain’s chancellor included reducing taxes due to grim inflation (Sunak, 2020). This financial support package included furloughs and loans set to be given to corporations experiencing an economic crisis at the onset of the pandemic. Such initiatives directly impacted the people considering that they felt the government’s involvement in the economy resuscitation initiatives.

Considering that he was Britain’s first black Prime Minister, he focused on strengthening international relations so peace could reign over political polarization. For example, when asked about Britain supporting Ukraine in its current war with Russia, the Prime Minister admitted that Britain would remain its strongest ally, meaning they would support ending the clashes (McGee, 2022). This commitment indicates a high commitment to strengthening ties and solving issues in foreign affairs. His commitment to solving external and internal matters shows he is a visionary leader who is ready to protect the people at any cost. Unfortunately, there is a chance that he could resign even before his tenure end, considering that he has shown a pattern of quitting from positions when situations arise that are either beyond his capacity to handle or when he has to compromise his ethics.

Rishi Sunak’s meteoric ascension to the top of the British political elite is exceptional. Rishi Sunak was born in Southampton to African health service workers. His political ambitions can be traced back to his interest in majoring in politics, philosophy, and economics at the university level. His journey began as an intern at conservative campaign headquarters, which gave him political experience. With Liz Truss’s short-lived government, a leadership race was precipitated, and he emerged triumphant becoming Britain’s first black Prime Minister. His prepositions focus on the economy, international affairs, and defense which are integral factors in creating a sustainable UK. However, his political career is indeterminate due to his pattern of resigning from office.

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