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Subject: ⚖️ Law
Type: Synthesis Essay
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Topics: Social Justice, Police, 🚨 Police Brutality
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A police officer is a person employed by the police force to serve citizens. The work of a police officer includes preventing crimes, arresting criminals, helping and protecting the public (Linos & Ruda, 2017). There are various departments in the police force, among them is the local and the state departments. The state police and the local police may seem like altered kinds of a similar thing. This is because both of them seem to be performing the same tasks like protecting the citizens and enforcing law using the same procedures and also the same equipment. But in the real sense, the state police are the ones with more power than the local police since they have undergone more specialized training than the local police (Linos & Ruda, 2017). For one to either become a local police or a state police, they must undergo some specialized training. For one to join the training of these forces, they must have acquired some qualifications. The qualifications that one requires in order to join the police force have been discussed below. 

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The first and the most important requirement is that one must be a citizen of the United States of America (Linos & Ruda, 2017). This means that the applicant must have either been born in the United States or born in a facility owned by the United States of America, became a citizen through naturalization or registered. The second requirement to join the police force is that one must have a diploma from either a homeschooling program that is recognized and certified by the state or from a high school (Linos & Ruda, 2017). The local police accept a diploma obtained from passing a General Education Development test.

The applicant is required to be either 21 years old and above during their time at the academy but must also not exceed 28 years of age. The applicant is required to be very fluent in English both in speaking and writing. Another requirement is that the applicant must have a driver’s license that is that is valid and must have received it within the territories of the United States.

It is also a must that the applicant should not get two or more citations for moving within the first year of application. It is necessary that the applicant does not have a license that has been suspended, revoked, limited, or canceled within the past 12 months before their application (Morris, 2016). The person applying is not required to have an insurance that is a high liability in order to drive legally within the year one of submission. 

The person applying must not have ever been in the force and disqualified or fired in the past years (Morris, 2016). The applicant must not have purchased, used, or transported other illegal products or substances apart from marijuana for the past 10 years except if the person was under the age of 21 during the time they were abusing the drugs and these offenses happened in three or more years from the time they apply for the program (Morris, 2016). There can be an acceptance if the applicant used these drugs as medicine prescribed by a certified doctor. 

The applicant ought not to have been using marijuana for the past 12 months (Morris, 2016). The other requirement is that the person applying must not have sold, manufactured or distributed illegal substances while they were working in any of the positions that are associated with the various law enforcement agencies (Oliver, 2016). The applicant must also not have manufactured any abusive substances illegally or involved in any of the illegal businesses that have been prohibited by law in the past 12 months. 

The person applying must not have been admitted anywhere for misconduct reasons like theft and robbery (Linos & Ruda, 2017). There should also be no new discoveries during the various interviews that are carried out in the admission processes, this offense will be handled as a felony offense.  It is also a requirement that one must not have been convicted more than two times within the 10 years before their application. The applicant must also not have been under any criminal investigations or has any charges that are pending during the past 12 months.

The person applying must also not be on any probation ordered by the court for the past three years before their application (Linos & Ruda, 2017). It is also required that the applicant must not be a past convict of a serious felony offense that resulted in serious injuries [physical] or even death in the past ten years.

The recruitment requirements between the state police and the local police are mostly similar since all of them are targeting the same kind of person (Oliver, 2016). This is because the state police and the local police both attend to the same cases like protecting the public and arresting lawbreakers.

The more challenging career between the state and the local police force is the state police. For instance, the state police have been granted the authority to work anywhere in the state. This is not the same for the local police since they are limited to only a few areas of the state (Oliver, 2016). This means that the state police have the authority to administer the law anywhere in the country while local police are only limited to some property of the state and the state roads. 

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The state police are also fewer in number as compared to the local police, this makes the title ‘state police’ look more important than the local does police (Morris, 2016). This is because the local police tend to be responsible to prevent or arrest criminals even those who commit minor offenses while the state police only tend to special threats and dangerous events. The work of police officers is to maintain law and order. Police are also human being, which means they are bound to make mistakes in their line of duty. There are special policies, organizations formed within different police departments to ensure law, and order is maintained.       

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