The Sheriffe Need to Carry Naloxone

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Saving one’s life is more important than buying him or her that expensive coffin when dead or paying the person high medical bills because of the failure to take precaution. Drug abuse is a societal problem that people have to deal with. Some solutions towards drugs abuse are available to minimize its effects. Naloxone is one of the drugs used to relieve the drug overdose. However, there is a debate whether sheriff should carry it to assist those who require it most. This paper supports the notion that the sheriffs should carry Naloxone to assist those who require it.

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Sheriffs should carry the Naloxone to increase its access for those who are really in need of it and unable to access it (Sewell 4). In many cases, the drug addicts who overdose have been suffering because they have nothing to reverse their situation. This is because nobody has been willing to prescribe the drug to them since the doctors also fear that it promotes the abuse. However, the sheriffs are better place to carry and administer it to the deserving cases and thereafter take action. Increased accessibility of the drug by allowing the sheriff carry it will help in minimizing the adverse effects that comes with the overdose of dangerous drugs as witnessed in the society today.

Reports have shown that Naloxone is easier to use compared to other drugs used during emergencies (Sewell 5). Thus, any sheriff can easily administer it, as experience is not needed. At the same time, it has no effect when given in excess or overdose and this presents a perfect opportunity for the law enforcement officers to use it in saving life of those who overdose the opium drugs. Its simplicity in usage should promote its usability so that people do not risk their life because of overdose (Kelety 3). Most sheriffs are not trained to administer drugs but some drugs do not require any experience or training to administer. Thus, they are better positioned to give it to the addicts as opposed to taking them to health facilities when their life is endangered.

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Moreover, Naloxone is expensive and very few people are able to afford it (Kelety 3). Thus, the sheriffs should be allowed to carry it and save life of the addicts who falls on their hands. Many addicts who require using it might not afford it because of its inaccessibility and high cost incurred to buy it. Because of that, many addicts are in danger when they overdose due to their inability to reverse the situation. This further puts their life at risk because this is the only medication that they can use to reverse their situation but their pockets cannot allow them. Therefore, the sheriff should carry it and assist those who really need it and save their life.

Although the sheriffs should be allowed to carry it, caution should be taken. First, it will expand their budgetary allocation since the number of drug abusers are ever increasing. This might require an expanded budget to cater for the increasing need. Secondly, free administering may cause dependence among the drug users. This might be dangerous in the end and make them not leave the drug use.

In conclusion, the sheriffs should be allowed to carry Naloxone. This will help prevent death and increase its accessibility to the victims of drug overdose. Similarly, it will minimize the expenses on the side of the users because of its free availability from the government. However, caution must be taken when sheriffs are allowed to carry it.

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