Social Work Profession and Code of Ethics

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The NASW code of professional ethics has three core parts. The Purpose of this Code of Ethics: it offers a summary of the NASW Code of ethic’s core purposes and a direction for dealing with the ethical dilemmas in the workplace. The Ethical Principle generally provides a wide range of ethical principles, which are based on the work’s core values/ principle that can generate information about the social work practice. Lastly, the Ethical Standards: it covers certain ethical standards that offer a guideline to the social worker’s conduct (code of conduct) and develop a foundation for significant adjudication. 

Rationale of the NASW Code of Ethics

Codes of ethics are generally the fundamentals of the social-workers profession. In right of this, professional workers have a responsibility to display it basic ethical principles, values, and ethical standards. These principles, values, and standards serve as a fundamental guide to all social worker’s conduct regardless of their working environment or place, and professional functions. Moreover, this code is significant in guiding on how to communicate decision making and the acceptable code of conduct especially during ethical dilemmas in the social work environment (NASW, 2008).     

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However, in my opinion, this is not significant Code of ethics because it does not demonstrate how professional workers should behave or act in certain or all situations that may arise as ethical dilemmas. It, therefore, needs to specify how social workers are supposed to behave in every circumstance. This can be attributed to the fact that different people have different opinions, and there must be a general approach to resolving conflicts. For example, while considering the formation or coming up with a significant decision over a given situation, I would establish an informed decision of how the situation can be judged in a group that reflects the ethical standards of workers. This would involve considering the NASW code of ethics and resolve the situation while preserving personal dignity. 

 The Ethical Principles

This offers significant information for the social workers. It demonstrates the social work’s fundamental values of social services, justices, worth and dignity of the individual, which are crucial to human integrity, relationship and competence. In respect to this principle, social workers are in a position to better understand their primary obligation of providing services to their clients with social justice, integrity, and dignity of that grantee mutual understanding, relationship, and satisfaction (NASW, 2008).  

However, it seems to be insufficient especially when the client is not satisfied with the service offered by the social worker at a given time or when they request for a bribery to offer a service that is meant for free of charge. For example, I have applied this principle in a way that does not grantee the Status of human relationships and my aim has been to satisfy my clients but not creating the relationship or a link of connection for future purposes. As a result, my aim is to develop and improve my professional experience, and my personal value differs from that of the NASW code of ethics because I consider the human relationship of less importance (Delavega& Lennon-Dearing, 2015).  

Ethical Standards 

According to NASW (2008), the ethical standards are significant to social workers while executing their professional tasks or responsibilities. These standards widely consider the responsibility to clients, colleagues, social working environment, social wok profession, ethical responsibilities to the wider society and professionals. 

Based on the above explanation, these Codes of ethics remind me to reflect on my obligation to uphold as well as comply with the social work profession values and to execute work, and act ethically. Ethical Standards has certain features that enforce the general standards, which granted the professional and significant decision-making by the social workers within the workplace. It becomes the social workers’ role to respect all their clients at a time of executing and offering the services. For example, I consider and value clients as my bosses in that I cannot work without them because the services which I provide are meant for the people I serve but not for self-interest and gain. This means that the service benefit the clients and I should demonstrate while considering my duties of the social profession, professionals, the workplace, and the society in return. 

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However, my value has been to provide services that can satisfy the client and help me to develop the professional decision at work. In this case, my values are contained in NASW because as a social worker profession I have been able to service customers in respect to the Code of Ethics.  

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  1. Delavega, E., & Lennon-Dearing, R. (2015). “Policies Discriminatory of the LGBT Community: Do Social Workers Endorse Respect for the NASW Code of Ethics? Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services., 27 (4): 412–435.
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