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Community assessment is a system or a procedure that helps in identifying different Community problems and resources while at the same time trying to outline which of the highlighted problems should be addressed first and with which resources. It involves identifying key health needs through a comprehensive and systematic procedures and in depth analyses to achieve the most desired and accurate results. One of the main or key objectives of this procedure is to have sectors which support shared ownership of each and every phase in community health Upgrading practices. Starting with assessment stage, and then planning, investment, implementation and lastly the evaluation stage. The evaluation stage helps to tell if every decision on allocation is viable. Community engagement is involved and the uses targeted focus as a tactic to address the issue of disparities in the population. Therefore, for an efficient system where the resources are allocated and used efficiently, community assessment is important to enhance accuracy and accountability.

Community demographics

Community demographics largely describe those aspects of population that can be measured. Some of the examples are age, level of education, religion and level of income. Furthermore, if there is any changes in population immediately after Census is done may not be captured until next Census is conducted (Holzemer and Klaineberg, 2014). Here are some of Community Demographics of Edmond, Oklahoma,USA.
Edmond is city in Oklahoma county, and sixth biggest in Oklahoma State. It is located on the Northern part of Oklahoma State.

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Edmond has a population of 86,739 with an average of 35 years. The average household income is 71974 dollars, and at poverty rate of 10 percent. Edmond borders Oklahoma City, Arcadia and Guthrie respectively. In terms of race composition, the white are majority at 79 percent with blacks and people of Hispanic origin, coming far second and third at 4 percent.


Most of the companies in Edmond are more in management, service industry and arts. That’s the why most common jobs held by Edmond on residents are administrative and sales. However, the engineers and those in legal Fields are the highest paid.


The average value of property in Edmond in 2015 when census was last taken was 199,600 dollars. More than 69.3 percent of housing units are occupied by owners, which is higher than national rate of 63.9.There are about 32,600 units which have been occupied. Each household has an average of two cars, and the average commute time is 20minutes.


The Body in charge of environment protection in Edmond is county council .They work closely with various private owned agencies for service delivery. And considering the biggest job sector is administration and service sector, there is much minimized pollution there are lesser factories.


City of Edmond Police department is the main unit in charge of Security .security firms also play a key role in security roles as well as attending to emergency cases like fire cases and such accidents.


Transportation always play a key role in any country, based on demographics, it becomes easier to know which  region one mode of transport as compared to the other, different segments of population  or regions requires different mode transport based on lifestyle and age categories. Edmond city council and State of Oklahoma is charge of transport in this area.


American English is the most widely used language here with very few sections speaking Latin. In terms of Media and means of communication. Majority of residents here relay on mainstream media channels here like ABC,NBC,CBS  and Fox  for general news. In case of newspapers, there is always daily edition of Oklahoman or journal record. The weekly edition includes Black Chronicles and Baptist Messenger.

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Community Health Problems

INTERGRIS HEALTH Edmond, Summit Medical Centre and OU Medical center Edmond are the biggest medical service providers in Edmond. Others include, Mercy health Network and INTERGRIS Baptist. Edmond Community center plays a key role in addressing some of the needs affecting residents of Edmond in general. It is adjacent to Edmond Park and recreation. Most Medical centers here integrate both Hospital and community services. it has  been evident that major causes of health problems revolve around three factors; The first Environment  factors ,especially the ones  that has to with Hygiene, Lifestyle factors  and stress, a considerable percentage is caused by hereditary genes. Poor sanitation and hygiene, unsafe water, inhaling indoor smoke,  lead exposer  and global warming is has contributed to a significant number of  deaths globally, illnesses such as cancer, Acute respiratory Infections, perinatal  conditions and diarrhea are just some of the ailments that arise out of environmental factors.. Lifestyle is another cause; more so young people are not keen on the kind of food they eat, hence so many cause people dying at such young age. The other main is the genes along the family line. And this one reason why its advised one to have regular screening to detect cancer in its early stages especially there past history of family members dying because of cancer.(Roy and Dorak,2010).Other major world ailments mainly caused  by Lifestyle include .Obesity, diabetes ,asthma, depression and, gastrointestinal diseases. .Most of the volunteers in public health experience that problem inadequate or substandard equipment when dealing with different sections of population.(Truglio and Lewenson,2018)

Hypothetical Client

Mr .Hillwood is 78years and lives with his Grandson ,Chambers, aged 35years old. Chamber s works as fitness instructor in just adjacent gym. Hillwood suffers from acute arthritis, gout and Diabetes. He struggles under strong sunlight as well because of his cataracts. Their house is only few miles from Edmond Recreation Park.
The section below identifies different ways of coming up with solution to the problems Hill wood is facing by proving various resources needed in every section:

Physical Dimension

Hill wood needs some therapy to handle the gout and arthritis condition. He has a family history of diabetes but not gout or arthritis. He takes inflammation medication every week at the local clinic. He weighs approximately 70kilogrammes and he complains of persistent pain at his knees’ joints when he walks for longer distances. He claims the gout condition has more to do with his past eating habits which he had changed since then. He also complains of Blurred eyesight especially when there is too much light. Based on resource available, Hill wood’s gout and arthritis condition can be addressed. Intergris Health Baptist offers physiotherapy exercises which can help a lot. Considering the Recreation Park is not so far from his residence, he can make it a habit walking there and back.

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Emotional Dimension

Chambers spends around 6hours per day at Mercy Fitness Centre. This is where he works leaving his grandfather alone and feeling isolated. He cannot walk for many hours as well, and due to this he ends up staying indoors for the entire day. There is a veteran’s house, a home for the aged. Chambers can take his grandfather there and always pick him daily while going home from home.

Psycho-Social Dimension

Mr Hillwood can spend some time at Edmonds Community center or at Recreation park .it is more relaxing for him and healthy, at his age.

Spiritual Dimension

The Intergris Baptist church has fellowship groups for men.It can be a good place where he can be spiritually nourished as he shares the experience with other widowers. He can also read a lot of motivational and uplifting books at the Library.

Intellectual Dimension

Being a former Poet, Hillwood can attend Mitchel Hall theatre near Edmonds road and mentor budding will also give him an opportunity to revisit his favorite hobby and sharpen his wits and skills. This will also help in Memory since his brain is always active.

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Environmental Dimension

There are two adjacent parks that have been transformed into recreational parks which no doubt is the best placed to relax and stretch a bit. There are more tree cover and no smoking around the park surrounding which means it’s healthy for him at his age.


In conclusion, there are different community resources within our community. It is always advisable to create awareness in Local residence on available resources and opportunities, especially to the aged ones. This way, there will be maximum use of those facilities and in the right manner. This also goes hand in hand with volunteering where necessary and when available for any community work in your locality.

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