The hiring process and managing a diverse workforce

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During the recruitment process, I have to ensure that there is proper co-ordination and the candidate selected is fit to perform the task. The organization I am working for is looking for an air defense artillery officer. The officer protects the country from missile, and aerial attacks. In addition, he or she is supposed to play a major role in enemy surveillance. The person is supposed to be an expert in these two major systems, which are AVENGER, and PATRIOT missile system. He or she is supposed to be a person who possesses leadership skills. The essay is going to cover different aspects, which include recruitment methods, laws that are supposed to be applied the time of recruitment to ensure that any form of discrimination was avoided, and tests involved during the whole process.

Recruitment methods

The recruitment process for law enforcement officers is a complex aspect and many factors have to be considered. Applicants must go through a series of exams and tests, which aim at narrowing the field, to select only those who are most qualified. The three recruitment methods, which will be used to select the candidates, are discussed below;

Internal sourcing

The recruitment process involves three major aspects, which include re-employment of ex-employees, transfers, and promotions. It is one of the best methods to adopt in the recruitment process because it increases employee productivity and motivates them. The method fosters loyalty because employees are sure that their job positions are secured and they can be promoted at any time.  The company does not need to invest its resources in advertisement. Also, little or no training is required for this method. Time consumed in running background checks is saved. However, internal sourcing refrains new blood from coming into the organization (Kleynhans, 2006 ).

External sourcing

External sourcing will involve searching for an external candidate search using external recruitment tools like newspapers, job boards, advertisement blogs and trade publication announcements. Such ways of getting employees bring in fresh blood. That is, individuals who might not have any idea about the organizational culture. When using this method the organization is supposed to come up with strategies to locate the candidate that has all the skills required. The company will need to spend a lot of cash and time to ensure that the process is successful (Kleynhans, 2006 ).

Pre-selection/ Interviewing

Having enough time to carry out the interviews is always one of the most important aspects to consider. The interview panel is supposed to allocate enough time to go through all the resumes presented. Further, one needs to have enough time to conduct an insightful interview. The interview panel is not supposed to only focus on applicant’s experience or credentials. The interview panel is supposed to come up with a hypothetical scenario where the candidate is asked questions and is presented with a particular problem to solve. Primarily, a candidate is not supposed to be selected based on one aspect.

Avoiding discriminatory practices

It is always paramount to ensure that all applicants are treated equally during the recruitment process. On top of it bring a legal requirement, it also provides the organization with the best chance to get the right person for the job. In case, the applicants file a case on discrimination during the recruitment process. The employers are supposed to provide evidence to show that they followed fair recruitment procedures. Here are six methods, which the management is supposed to use and will use to avoid discrimination when using external sourcing, internal sourcing, and interviews.

External sourcing

One of the things to consider is ensuring that the posts are advertised widely. This is to ensure that many suitable and eligible candidates get an opportunity to apply for the job. Secondly, it is unlawful to specify that an applicant is supposed to have a particular race, from a specific religion or gender. The job advertised is not supposed to state that candidate’s success depends on their state such as disability. In order to avoid discrimination based on age, one is supposed to avoid statements such as dynamic and young. The focus should be on the skills required to perform the job.


Individuals who are selected to be part of the interview panel should receive equal opportunities during the training process. For instance, in this case, they are supposed to avoid asking some questions such as ‘are you married to a partner of the same sex?’ If come of the candidates have confirmed that they are disabled, the organization is supposed to come up with strategies to ensure that they participate in the interview fully. The interview process is supposed to be structured in a systematic manner. Thus, the interview panel is supposed to meet before the interview to agree on specific aspects such as standard scoring system, and suitable interview questions. The questions are supposed to correspond to the job description.

Internal souring

The employer is supposed to craft a procedure and policy which is equitable and fair to the internal applicants. First, the job position is supposed to be advertised to all or the relevant departments. Any employee that can qualify for the position should be aware about it. Selecting the high performing individuals is not the right thing to do. It is viewed as unlawful discrimination. Thus, developing a successful strategy is an important aspect so as to get a potential candidate for the position.

Validation applicant’s attainment of required credentials

Employment screening tests can be used in this case to identify candidates who qualify for the job. First, the human resource management can come up with online screening procedure, which will assist the employer to know whether the prospective employee is fit for the interview. Online questionnaires assess whether the skills, knowledge, and personality of the candidate are fit for the job. The company has a developed job descriptions and candidate profiles. Thus, the interviewers analyze the candidate’s profile based on the developed job description profile. Ethical considerations must be put in place when selecting the right candidate for the project.

Five step procedure for maintaining applicant’s records

One of the critical component in the human resource department is having a good record keeping system. All the documents, which are used in the recruitment process, should be kept secured. That is why aspects such as indexing, organizing, and storing information are important requirement for every human resource manager. Below are five steps that the organization should use to maintain applicant’s records;

Step 1: Identifying and prioritizing confidential information

The company is supposed to first identify the information that is confidential to prevent it from unauthorized access. Some of the information that the company should protect include identification numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and such like kinds of data that are confidential (Arthur, 2004 ).

Step 2: Perform risk assessment and review information flows

Understanding how the information flows helps the human resource managers to understand how confidential information flows in the organization. An organization is supposed to be in a position to identify the parties that get an access to their information. Also, the gap between actual and procedures should be identified.

Step 3: Determining the appropriate usage and information distribution strategies

Based on the risk assessment done in the second stage, an organization is supposed to craft distribution policies for confidential information. There should be a distinction between employee records, and prospective employees’ records. Both records are supposed to be treated appropriately.

Step 4: Coming up with an enforcement and monitoring system

Applicants’ records can only be maintained if there is an effective monitoring system. Control points are supposed to be established to monitor information traffic and usage. The information is supposed to be monitored to ensure that it does not flow past the control points. The monitoring systems should possess powerful identification technologies to avoid false alarms so as to stop any unauthorized access.

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Step 5: Review the progress regularly

Maximum effectiveness for record keeping can only be obtained by regularly reviewing the policies, training and systems. In addition, the systems are supposed to be reviewed extensively to analyze system failures and flag any suspicious activity. External auditors can be incorporated occasionally to check for threats and vulnerabilities. Additionally, partnering with an expert in digital storage helps the human resource manager to meet their goals more efficiently and faster.

Background checks

For one to become defense artillery officer background checks need to be done because the person is serving the public. The personal checks in this case will involve the person’s financial, commercial, and criminal records. The employer must be sure that the employee is telling the truth before they get the job. Checking financial records enables the employer to know whether the employee can be trusted in various aspects of the organization. Background checks enables the employer to know how the employee relates with fellow employees and quality of his or her work. Below are three major background checks, which can be used in this case;

Reference checks

This background check involves verification of past education, military, driving, and employment records. Also, it involves looking and professional records which are provided by the applicant. It will play an important role to determine whether the information given match the job position.

Credit history report

Defense artillery officer holds a security sensitive position. Thus, there is a need to ensure that their background on financial transactions is accessed. Accountability can be determined by the way an individual determines or keeps their financial records.

Criminal History Checks

No single organization would want to work with a person who has any criminal records. Thus, the company is going to request for any information related to misdemeanor and felony convictions for the past five years. The crimes, which will be considered in this case, include crimes involving weapons, theft, alcohol or drugs, and crimes against persons.

Employment tests

Becoming a defense artillery officer is more than completing the application form and interview. Below are three major tests, which can be carried out during hiring process;

Entrance test

The tests will be a standard test, which is used to access prospective employees general aptitude. One does not need to have any knowledge in the law enforcement sector to participate in this test. The test aims at identifying the applicant’s judgment skills, memory, writing skills, and problem solving skills. These are the basic skills required in any working environment.

Ability test

Law enforcement sector has physical demands. Hence, any person who wants to work in this sector must be fit physically. The physical tests measure the prospective employee fitness level by using activities that evaluate how enduring one it, cardiovascular health, and strength. Moreover, job simulation tests are done. During this process, one performs different tasks such as climbing a wall, running stairs, and dragging a weight. Ability tests looks at a person’s endurance and ability to perform effectively (Edenborough, 2007 ).

Psychological test

Apart from being physically fit, one needs to be psychologically and mentally fit to handle work given effectively. The test is done through written psychological exams or a face to face interview conducted by a psychologists. The two major functions for performing this test is to evaluate the applicant’s character, emotional make-up, and to ascertain whether an individual is fit for the job.

Subjective criteria for assessing soft skills

The success in an organization is not dependent on technical skills or educational skills. There is more to that. People have to know and understand how they are supposed to relate with people in the working environment. One is supposed to have a positive attitude and be willing to help. When one has soft skills, they can become a great leader. The skills include delegating, motivating, problem solving, and team building.

The major problem is that people will always undervalue soft skills and they do not view it as an important aspect. Organizations do not consider soft skills as something that needs to be taught. They assume that one understands aspects such as being productive at work and creating a friendly environment. That is why using subjective criteria for assessing soft skills cannot satisfy all the employees. Others may state that its favoritism. Not everyone will have interpersonal skills for job positions. This can be mitigated by sending an email to all applicants and inform them about all the skills required for accountability purposes.

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Accommodating the disabled and people with different religious views

The Civil Act of 1964 prohibits employment unions and agencies from discriminating employee based on sex, religion, race, and color (Vickers, 2016). Applicants are not supposed to be treated differently because of their difference in religious practices and beliefs. Additionally, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 states that it is unlawful to discriminate against a qualified person just because he or she is disabled (Wiener & Willborn, 2011). Every person is supposed to have the chance to participate equally and get equal opportunities in the society. Adjustments such as ensuring that the disabled have an access to places where the interview will be conducted is one of the most important factor to consider. Rights of every person need to be protected during the recruitment process. However, the applicants must qualify for the position. They should not state that they have been discriminated if they do not fulfill the basic qualification. For instance, a defense artillery officer must be physically fit.

Legal cases

Affirmative action violation

Farmer v. Ramsay

This case was filed by Rob Farmer against the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine in 1998 and was filled on bases of admission discrimination. Rob Farmer who was the plaintiff was denied the chance to join the School of Medicine. Farmer stated that the School denied admission to specific minority groups especially African Americans. Farmer argued that test scores and grades were higher than those of the accepted black students. In 2001, the judge dismissed the case and rejected Farmer’s assertions by starting that the rejection was not based on race but academic ability (Farmer v. Ramsay, 1999).

Managing harassment issues

Jenson v. Eveleth Taconite Co.

Lois Jensen was the first woman to be employed in Eveleth iron mine at northern Minnesota in 1975. The two were harassed by two men who’s perception was that women are supposed to stay at home. For Jensen case, she was stalked by her an unbearable level that in 1984, she decided to file a case. After filling the lawsuit, it was not easy for her to find an attorney. Later, more women joined her and the case was settled. The company paid $3.5 million as a result of sexual harassment (Jenson v. Eveleth Taconite Co., 1993). The case was handled effectively, hence remain among the best handled cases involving sexual harassment in the US.

From the both cases, it is important to ensure that any form of discrimination or harassment should be avoided. Every person is supposed to be treated fairly and equally.

Work life conflicts

The three faces of work life conflicts that the human resource manager should consider include professionals, the poor and missing middle:


They are the median income earners who get an income of $148,000 annually and have one in five earning of above $210,000 (Belkin, 2010). The income for this group has increased at a rate of 7% in the past 30 years. They work for approximately 70 hours a week. Further still, they demand for perks and policies which makes it reasonable for them to work for those hours. However, this group of individuals are unhappy and unsatisfied most of the times.


They are the bottom 30% American earners.  They make annual income of between $19,000 and $35,000 annually (Belkin, 2010). These groups get benefits from their employers to manage their work life conflict. Missing work for this group means getting fired. That means they do not get enough time to spend with their families.

Missing middle

These are the people who work in highly supervised jobs. They are neither rich nor poor and have median annual earnings of approximately $64,000 to $110,000. 50% of most American families fall under this category. Because they are not visible as the professionals and desperate as the poor, they receive less attention (Belkin, 2010).

Every face of work life needs to have time to spend with their family and get time to rejuvenate. There are various laws, which have been formulated to ensure that employees get time to spend with their families. For instance, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects mothers against any form of discrimination. The other one is the Family and Medical Leave Act. The act allows workers who have worked for more than one year in a company to get unpaid leave to have time with their family.

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The essay has addressed various aspects, which should be considered during the recruitment process. Some of the issues that the essay has addressed include the tests, which should be administered, soft skills and their importance, the three work life/family faces, and other important details. The arguments in the essay are based on different acts, which have been formulated and implemented in the past, and scholarly research. The bottom line is that the human resource manager is supposed to ensure that the recruitment process is fair and employees get an access to good working conditions.

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