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The Lottery Literary Analysis

Pages: 3
Words: 724
Rating: 4,6

Introduction Shirley Jackson’s piece “The Lottery” immerses itself in the theme of ritual. A short story is generally judged on its ability to convey the…

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The Lottery: Symbolism

Pages: 2
Words: 629
Rating: 4,8

Introduction Symbolism is a stylistic device often used in literary works. It means that the author takes an object, character or event to reveal a…

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Similarities and Differences Between The Lottery and The Hunger Games

Pages: 4
Words: 927
Rating: 4,7

 When traditions are obsolete, society is adversely impacted. The Lottery and The Hunger Games are two insightful texts that reveal the adverse effects of blindly…

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Original Essay On The Lottery

The Lottery is a fictional short story authored by Shirley Jackson. It is a horrific tale about a small community in England where people are chosen by chance and stoned to death. It is a controversial event that happens every year, where the winner is selected randomly and executed. The Lottery depicts the theme of tradition, inhumanity, and brutality existing in society. It also brings out the role of a husband in the family and community, as shown through Mr. Summers’ character.

Despite raising contentious discussions in literary circles, the book is famous in the literary history of America. Many colleges and universities in the United States have adopted it in their reading lists. Hence, learners usually get The Lottery essay assignments to analyze different topics.

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