The power of courage

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Barack Obama are some of the most remarkable people whose legacy will forever be encrypted in the hearts of the American people for their courage during the time they served their respective generations. They both stood out, each ushering in a new era; each era hoping to provide the American people – from all races and background – with some form of unity, justice, opportunity, and freedom.

The two great leaders stood out because of their courage and vision they had from the American people regardless of the differences at that time. They choose not to hide in the shadows but instead stand up for what they believed in and fight for their vision; something that required a lot of courage. One other outstanding character that stood out during this period was the resistance they faced during both these times. It took these men a lot of courage to overcome this resistance and push for change.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. came at a time when segregation in America was growing and the black man still feeling the effects of slavery long after slavery had been abolished and the leader, at that time, had signed the Declaration of Independence (para. 3&4). He was faced with one of the most prominent forms of resistance; one which included the division along the color line. During that time, Dr. Martin stood up against all kinds and forms of oppression that stood between the black man and his or her freedom.

Dr. Martin was a true face of courage. The courage that saw him stand time and time again before thousands of people and express himself without fear in a time when black men and women were thought to be inferior, and as a result, they were oppressed and denied access to their freedom (para.13). However, this did not stop Dr. Martin Luther King from fighting for the black man’s rights till the day he died; a brave and courageous man whose legacy will forever live.

The former American president, President Barack Obama is another individual whose courage is much recognized and appreciated. He is remembered by many as the first black American president after forty-four presidents before him (para.2). He too stood up against resistance from people who believed that a black president could not rule America. However, he stood up and gathered courage towards making America great. President Obama showed great courage from the period he ran as a senator to when he became president brushing off the race difference and advocating for growth and progress in a country that appeared to have insufficient options.

President Obama’s courage was witnessed in the various speeches delivered during his term in office including the one he gave when he first took office. He reassured people that America was still the land of opportunities for all people from all over the world. Like Dr. Martin Luther King, President Obama aimed at unifying people from all races, religions, and cultural differences who saw America as the land opportunity (para.16). He, like Dr. Martin, was fearless when it came to speaking against those who oppressed citizens like themselves in the form of power and corruption. It is clear that America has been built on courage. The power of courage saw America grow stronger because of the courage of its fearless leaders who choose to stand up for what they believed.

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