American Revolution and the consequence

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It all started with the discontent, caused by the oppression from Britain. After the war, Britain was looking for sources of income to cover their own costs of the war. In America heavy taxes were imposed, and Britain was made the only trading partner; all the money went there, and people gradually began to show discontent. The prohibition to settle where it would be desirable also caused the outrage, but the last straw was the discussion of the need for taxes, without a representative of America.

The fact that the result of the Revolution is independence – speaks for itself. Everything that Patriots opposed disappeared and did not matter. However, it would not be right to say that the problems have disappeared, and all lived happily, but the fact that the monarchy was replaced by the republicanism was inspiring for all. After the decrees and restrictions, imposed by the British, the opportunity to choose the leader was very important. Patriot is not just a person, who loves his country; it is a much wider notion. For our people patriot was a free man, free from dependence.

People wanted to have equal opportunities and freedom. Perhaps, ceasing to be a colony, the United States has opened even more unequal opportunities, as immediately after the revolution, the ruling classes began to try taking roots in power. However, the events of the ’70s opened up great prospects and marked the beginning of a new life, a new freedom. Despite the fact that the problem of the poor and the rich was still there, or even got a new scope, the ordinary people, farmers, craftsmen were able to be prosperous. Even the poor do better than before.

The problem of selfish profit, and not the benefit for the society, existed, but was not acute for the society, as equality was understood not by the same profits, but the same opportunities. A small farmer is also believed that he was lucky because he is now free, and no one tells him what to do without a particular reason. There were not conflicts about the profit or positions; everyone tried to do what he could. The labor frightened at first, because there was a thought of slavery and not the path to prosperity. Also from the current problems can be distinguished the land problem. Too many people benefited from the resale and appropriation, and small producers often were left with nothing.

Looking back, suffice it to say that in the 70s all appeared in a different way, and now, with experience comes the understanding that even if things are going wrong, as planned, it does not mean that the plan has failed, or that it was all in vain. The revolution has given America a huge opportunity, she released her h under oppression and opened the future without the monarchy. A strong government was created with a lot of ideas and plans; they did not do everything as the people would like, but it cannot be said that they were dissatisfied. Despite all the flaws and many unreached results, the revolution had a positive impact on all the citizens of the country, but what is the most important – it brought the freedom to everyone.

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