The Societal Impacts of Social Media

Subject: 📡 Media
Type: Proposal Essay
Pages: 2
Word count: 554
Topics: 🤳 Social Media, Marketing, 📖 Social Studies
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The social media platforms have attracted significant attention from the different populations across the globe. The platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others. The contribution of these social media platforms on the various aspects of the society cannot go without notice. Despite the many advantages that come with these platforms, they are not without adverse impacts on the society (Van Dijck). This research paper will, therefore, investigate the different concepts of social media including its history and the effects, both positive and negative, it has had and continued to have on the society today.

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The choice of this research topic was advised by the question of how the coming of social media has impacted on the community. Following the heightened frequency of the use of social media in the society’s day to day activities, a lot of studies have been conducted on this topic. These studies have argued that the social media platforms have improved the lives of people in the society while others have claimed it has caused more harm than good to the society. Some of the arguments of the critics of the social media platforms have claimed it has caused a deterioration of public and social values in the society as well as promoting the spread of cyber-crimes (Fisher, 193). The proponents, on the other hand, argue that it has expanded communication between members of the society and strengthened the social bonds. To reach this topic, there was an exploration of the social media’s history and the assessment of the changes that have resulted from the emergence of these platforms. The paper also distinguishes the positive impacts from the negative ones in the quest to weigh the consequences it has had in the larger society. The need to answer the above concerns helped narrow down to the topic chosen.

This paper will seek to address different issues on the subject of the impacts that the continued use and popularity of social media has had in the society. The paper will evaluate the history of social media and how the improved connectivity of the internet has promoted the use of social media. The different uses of social media in the society will also form part of the issues the paper will discuss. It will also be important to evaluate the usage of these platforms depending on the gender, age and different societal groups (Ahlqvist et. al, 4). It will also seek to evaluate how the use of social media has impacted on the communication between individuals, groups as well as businesses among others. The other issue the paper will touch on is the changes social media has triggered in the aspect of governance and policy creation. This paper also seeks to evaluate how businesses have benefitted from the emergence of the different social media platforms concerning their reach to customers and potential clients. Social media has also changed how our politics is done in the contemporary world (Bennett, 23). This will also be discussed in the paper to determine the political developments that have ben as a result of social media coming into being. Social media has also created new risks for the society as different crimes have been carried out through the use of these platforms. These and much more aspects of social media will be extensively discussed in the paper.

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