Touring Kenya

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Kenya is an African country with a coastline on the Indian Ocean and borders other several African countries. Kenya as a nation has so many beautiful natural touristic sites that I found fascinating when I first toured there. To begin with, it has the best beaches in east Africa.  One of the most popular beaches in Kenya is the Diani beach that is located on the Indian Ocean coastline. It is thirty kilometer from Mombasa city and it offers a serene environment makes one relax in the warm sun. It is one of the popular places for swimming and surfing as even most picnics and water sports are performed here. This beach is also well known for the coral- reefs, palm vegetation and underwater sandbars (Mayaka 51). Besides the Diani beach, the Nyali beach also located in Mombasa offers a tranquil and relaxing ambiance. This beach has several resorts that provide good accommodation.  The activities popular here include building sand castles, sunbathing swimming and boat riding. If you hate beach traffic then this the best place because it is never crowded. In addition to the above two beaches, is the Manda bay and Shela beaches in Lamu best known for their phenomenal white sand.  They are famously known for their picturesque views. Just like the others it has good resorts close to the ocean. All this good features gives the tourists an exquisite place for their vacations.

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In Kilifi county is the Vipingo beach popularly known for romance. Most around this beach are Swahili speakers and the beach is surrounded by coconut palms.  The beach is never crowded hence the best for lovers on vacation. The waters are calm and clear. There is also the Tiwi beach that is located on the northern side of the famously known Diani beach. The sun on this beach is good for relaxing and the beach is equally beautiful. Fifteen kilometers from the south of Malindi is the Turtle bay beach, well located on the Indian Ocean. The beaches provide a good environment for swimming, sun bathing, surfing etc.  It has a lot of coral reefs and white sand. The waters are also clear alluring its visitors.  The beach is a 7 kilometer stretch hence providing the visitors with shores for long walks. Kenya has other several fascinating beaches like the Kikambala beach, the Shanzu beach and the Bamburi beach. There are various things which are common with these beaches. For instance, all this beaches have good resorts which offer accommodation for the visitors; they have green vegetation of palm trees and good sun.  The people living around these beaches are Swahili speakers, a small tribe in the East African region.  The music played on the beaches is Taarabu, which has a soft tone that coos the soul making one to relax. The Bamburi beach is one of the most crowded beaches with locals, lacking privacy. Compared to its neighbors Kenya has the best beaches, resorts and even the accessibility of these beaches both via road and air is good. The Kenyan people are friendly and welcoming.

Apart from the Kenyan beaches, there are other several tourist sites that one can explore on visiting this great African nation: the national parks. The Amboseli national park is very popular in Kenya. Part of the park is in Kenya while the other part in its neighbor Tanzania. Inside the park is Mount Kilimanjaro the highest mountain and the glory of Africa. The inhabitants of this park are the Maasai community who exhibit diversity in their culture.  The Amboseli national park is famously known for the African large elephants.  There are several habitants in this park ready to be explored by the visitors; the dry lake Amboseli which has failed to sustain the life of the animals in the park,  the great savannah and woodlands that are home to thousands of animal species and the wetlands with the sulphur springs. The local Maasai community culture whose stable food is mainly animal products particularly meat, milk and fresh blood as they are mainly herders, always fascinates visitors. There are various activities that are allowed within this park namely, camping, watching of the birds, viewing of the wild game and taking of the photographs. There are wild animals such as the large African elephants, the lions, zebras, gazelles, antelopes and birds such as ostriches. This is only but a small fraction of the wild game available in this beautiful park. One is able to have a view of the whole park by climbing hills. The park is easily accessible by air and road.

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Besides the Amboseli national park is the Tsavo national park which is separated into two; Tsavo east and Tsavo west. It is the largest national park in Kenya located in between Nairobi and Mombasa city (Kabiri 440). It’s nearly 22000 kilometer square and has several features.  Tsavo east is mostly flat and has the Yatta plateau and the Luggard falls.  It also has the dry plains across the Galana Rivers. Unlike its counterparts, Tsavo national park is mostly mountainous, swampy and has a lake and spring. It is mostly inhabited by large animals which include the black rhino, leopards, elephants, lions, buffalos etc. and small animals such as hartebeest, giraffe, etc. which can be seen in the park. Tourists can engage in several activities while in the park which include camping, taking photographs, watching of birds, mountain climbing and scenic. The park is inhabited by the famous Maasai community of Kenya whose culture is very astounding. The accommodation is readily available from both public and private owners. The climate within this park is very hot with most of the year being dry. The park can easily be accessed by air or road. The third largest national park in Kenya is the Nairobi national park that is located ten kilometers from the city central business Centre. It is so close to the city which means accessibility is not a problem at all. Like the other parks, it has several animals both large and small. Some of these animals include the black Rhinos which are an endangered species, lions, elephants and other small animals mostly found in the other parks. It’s believed to be home of over four hundred bird species with a small fraction being migrants. Spectacular to this park is the wildebeest migration. There is plenty of accommodation in this national park available both in the city and the national park (Akama 287). There are plenty of good hotels and motels in and around the city. Being close to the city, the area is mostly inhabited by town dwellers hence it’s a cosmopolitan but the Maasai were the first inhabitants of the area. While in the park the tourist can perform the following activities; camping, viewing of game, picnicking and event hosting.  Apart from the above discussed national parks and beaches, there are other touristic sites in Kenya that I found fascinating and worthy mentioning. For instance, the Nakuru national park, the Mount Elgon and Mount Kenya national park those are found in the western and central parts of Kenya respectively and are among the leading landmark features in Africa. All this national parks have unique animals and birds that are fascinating. There are also several lakes in Kenya both big and small that is home to aquatic life. To start with, there is the great Lake Victoria the largest fresh water lake in Africa that was formed through a down warping process. It has millions of fish species, hippopotamus, crocodiles and most of the other aquatic life. Kenya has different tribes of people with diverse cultures. This includes the Luyhas, Luo, Kikuyu, and Kalenjinsetc. With each tribe occupying a specific locality within the country and having different traditions and other social affiliations.

From the above discussion of the experience I had when I visited Kenya as a tourist it is vividly clear that Kenya is a fascinating country that offers a variety of different natural wonders to its visitors.  This is evident from the great beaches on the Kenyan coastline, the national reserves in the inland, the lakes, the mountains and there cultural believes.

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