Life Review of Late Adulthood

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Late adulthood is defined as the period from when an individual reaches mid-sixties until the time of their death (Overstreet, n.d.). During this period, several physical, cognitive, and psychosocial developments continue to take place in the life of an individual.

Attitude is one of the developmental changes associated with old age (Haber, 2006). It plays an important role in the quality of life one lives in old age. The other type of development is cognitive development and entails decrement in the sensory register; old age affects the ability to hear and see. Psychosocial development is how one copes with aging. It involves one making sense of their life and coming to terms with the prospect of death.

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In my late adulthood, I would value the relationship that I have built over the years. I would like to look back and review whether I have been a good husband. In addition, I would like to value the kind of relationship that I have had with my children. I would like to be the best dad in the whole world.

In terms of psychosocial development, I would like to review and see some of my life dreams that I have not fulfilled and accept to live with them without regret (Staudinger, 2001). For instance, I may not have traveled to all the places that I had planned to visit, and I may not have given back to the society as much as I have received from it. However, this would not stop me from appreciating what I would have accomplished and be contented.

Lastly, planning for old age is important, as it enables one to have a quality life even in agedness (Bosak, n.d.). In most cases, we plan for all the other stages of life, but fail to plan for old age. It is important to plan for all the stages of our lives if we are going to have a meaningful life.

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