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With a few months before the general election, a number of important issues need to be brought to your attention. Winning an election is all about numbers and thus I am aware that for me to win over a substantial number of voters, I need to convince them on why I am best suited to lead them. However, I am aware that convincing masses is not an easy task. I have chosen three major issues that I believe citizens of the US need to be addressed.

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One of the major issues that I will address once I am elected into office is the economy and unemployment. Over the last four years, the economy of the country has drastically increased. Consequently, the rate of unemployment has decreased to five percent from eight percent when the current president took office. Economists have reported that the job market has grown consistently.  Although the country has faced domestic and foreign challenges, financial reports have revealed that both corporate profits and the money market have rebounded strongly. Overall, a majority of the studies agree that the economy has been resilient. Nevertheless, the growth of the economy has not been felt by the ordinary citizens but has rather benefitted only millionaires and billionaires (Blanchard 32). In fact, the president in his recent economic speech acknowledged that the economy was not delivery for the middle and low-income earners. If I am elected as the president, however, I will ensure that the economy benefits people from all classes and that the rich do not benefit at the expense of the poor.

Another issue that I will use to convince Americans to vote me in as their next president is the gun control case. While a majority of Americans are of the view that gun provides them with some form of additional protection, other believe that gun laws should be curbed (Stroebe 9). Nevertheless, I will take this chance to elaborate why I stand with those who want gun ownership in the country controlled. Over the last few years, the US citizens have been woken up with cases of the mass shooting with innocent people losing lives. Although a gun can provide protection that cannot be always offered by the American Judicial System, the fact that a gun is a weapon that can result to unwanted deaths if it is not put into proper use or if it gets into the wrong hands means that some regulation needs to be exercised.

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It is important to note that no one is against gun ownership. All that is needed is control to ensure that they are not only used well but also do not fall into wrongful hands. We all have heard of numerous cases where innocent people lost lives. Would that have happened if gun regulation laws were in place? It is true that accidents cannot be controlled but if proper regulation laws are in place, then guns would not get into wrong hands. The fact that there are no current guns laws in place makes it easier for anyone who wants to have a gun to possess it. However, if strict laws are in place to vet those who desire to possess the weapons, then it will be hard for them to be acquired by crooks or people who are not required to have them. In many of the recent court cases of gun misuse, a majority of the convictions do not sail through either due to lack of laws or because the accomplishes of the heinous acts had mental problems (Solis, Elissa, and Lisa 3).  If regulatory laws are put in place, guns will only be given to people who require them and they have to be of sound mind. For this reason, I am here to ask for your votes so that we can curb rogue individual and those of unsound mind from owning these weapons and consequently preventing hundreds of lives that have been lost by the lack of laws.

The third and last issue that I will address if you elect me as your president in the coming election is healthcare. For many years now, health, an issue that is fundamental to the prospects and future of the nation, has not been adequately addressed (Agnihotri 3). For the numerous people I have talked to, struggling to acquire quality and affordable medical care has been a major issue. In fact, a substantial number of my fellow citizens have expressed anger and immense skepticism that the current government is only motivated by personal gains rather than addressing the real issues that the country faces. The intense dissatisfaction of many American citizens on healthcare has prompted me to make it a top agenda if I am elected into office next month.

When the US is compared to other developed nations, it is found that its citizens spend more on healthcare than any other countries in that category. To make matters worse, the US healthcare system still faces worse medical outcomes even though its citizens are charged dearly (Rosales, Scott, and Jill 5). The current Obama care that was meant to ensure that health is universal and can be assessed by people of all classes has not solved the problem but made it worse since healthcare insurance schemes have been on a rising spree. However, I believe the intentions of the Obama care were well and all that needs to be done is working on its shortcoming while maximizing on its strengths rather than repealing it in totality. For instance, I plan to introduce laws that will curb the health cost from escalating to uncontrollable levels and to reduce out-of-pocket costs for individuals and families. On top of that, I would make it optional for people to purchase medical cover meaning that no person will be coerced to embrace a medical insurance scheme.

To sum up, it is apparently clear that unemployment, gun control, and healthcare are the major three issues that affect citizens of the US. Although improvements have been witnessed in the three aspects over the last four years, the margins have not been significant enough to be felt by people of all classes. While the economy has steadily grown over the years, it has been benefiting the rich at the expense of the poor. If you elect me, however, I will ensure that the growth of the economy is felt all through and not just the rich class. Moreover, if you choose me as your next president, I will curb the reckless mass shootings that we have witnessed in recent years by introducing laws and regulations to govern gun ownership. On matters to do with health, I will make it more affordable and universal and allow people to choose medical schemes that they feel best suits them. If you need the right change in this country, then I believe I am the right person for the job.


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