Assisted suicide


I love my life. Life is a virtue given to any organism and in particular to human being. Man has a purpose to accomplish in this world and has unlimited to perform these functions in the time provided which may end any time unknowingly. For this reason therefore, one should embrace the gift of life and not to wish for death under any circumstance. Of all the living things, man alone must achieve its purpose freely and consciously as compared to other phenomena in the universe who carry out their function and purpose involuntarily through force. With this rapid and dramatic development in the field of medicine, there is power to save more life as compared to before when there was less development in technology. This development has brought to the cure of different diseases and also to the level of pain on people during sickness. Then, why should one choose to die with this kind of development where we can save life? Even though improved medical technology has given has power to sustain life of patients whose mental and physical capabilities cannot be restored, whose pain cannot be eliminated and whose degenerating conditions cannot be reversed, death and pain cannot still be stopped, all the pain cannot be eliminated and mostly the mental and physical pain which thereafter leads to psychological torture. One should therefore be allowed to take his/ her life as long as it does not infringe any kind of pain to the people around them like the family member.
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