Government’s roles in prevention summary

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The world today is more interconnected by the internet than ever before. The internet is supposed to be helping people solve some issues in an easy and fast way. However, instead of people using the internet in the right way, they have been misusing it by conducting frauds, abuses, theft, and threats. Cyber-attacks have increased, and already a good number of people have lost their lives as a result of threats and cyber bullying (Vandebosch, Beirens, D’Haese, Wegge & Pabian, 2012). To ensure that the problem of internet threats is dealt with, law enforcement and complementary cyber security capabilities are critical to securing and safeguarding cyberspace.

Recently, the United States senator has been receiving threatening messages through the internet. These messages have been warning the senator to step down or else be assassinated. As a result, the senator reported the case to the police to take action and ensure the sender of the messages is arrested and be charged with the crime of cyber threatening. The state police force is the officers of the state, and their responsibility is to investigate the crimes. In fact, it is their central role to conduct an investigation and apprehend the offenders (Jang, 2013).

To investigate the threats and harassment towards people, the government deploys the state police and the federal government to play that role. The state police officials are using online surveillance to monitor the comments that are made by people in the social media regarding certain subjects (Jang, 2013). For instance, in the case of the senator, the police are monitoring threatening comments that have been made towards him in the past few days, the people who are responsible for posting such comments will be investigated and be charged in a court of law (Vandebosch et al., 2012). The state police monitor any incidence that has a probability of resulting in any violence or any criminal activity. Threats against organizations or individuals are shared with the organization/individual so that they have an awareness of the situation.

The leading federal agency that investigates cyber-attacks are the FBI; they have a role to monitor and investigate any cyber threats, frauds, and attacks by criminals. Recently, cybercrimes have increased, and this calls for more actions by the FBI. The FBI is transforming itself so that they can be able to address this threat in a better way (Jang, 2013). They are enhancing the capacity of the cyber investigative division to sharpen their focus on any interference with the government and also private computer networks.

The FBI has a role to response to three kinds of cyber incidences; threat response, intelligence response and asset response. Since the FBI is the lead for cyber threat response, they play a key role in the case of a cyber incidence, they communicate with the coordinators in the field-level who helps to coordinate a multi-agency and effective response to the incident. Responses to threats include conducting national security investigative activities and applying law enforcement that is appropriate (Vandebosch et al., 2012). The FBI collects evidence of the threat; then they gather intelligence, they mitigate the immediate threat and identify activities that may cause disruption and ensures there is control.

In conclusion, cyber incidences have increased, new techniques to harass other people online are emerging every day. It is the work of the state police and the federal government to ensure they are keeping up with these criminals and ensure that the people are safe from such activities. When people are exposed to harassment or threats, they live with fear, and they cannot be able to conduct their activities in the right manner since they are in fear of being attacked any time.

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