Psychology Essay: A Child Dealing With Transgender Issues


For a long time, the society has been confined to believe that the desire for transitioning from one gender to another can only be pursued when one is an adult and that it has to be as a last option. With this approach, the society fails to understand or even put into consideration how grateful it would be to support transgender children in their journey. In this paper, I take the role of a being a parent dealing with a child with transgender issues.

The Determination of Sex

Conception determines the genetic sex of an individual. While the eggs in the human body comprise a female determining X-chromosome, the sperm cell comprises of an X-chromosome or Y-chromosome (Boyd & Bee, 2012). Consequently, if the fertilization of the X-bearing egg is by a Y-bearing sperm, the embryo’s sex will be male (XY) while an X-bearing sperm will lead to an embryo whose sex is female (XX). However, sex is a product of the all-inclusive genetic makeup, internal and external reproductive organs, and hormones as well as secondary sex qualities.
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