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Against Same-Sex Marriage πŸ”₯ trending

Did you know that the world’s first legal marriage happened on April 1, 2001, in the Netherlands, where four couples comprised one female and three…

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Sociological Aspect and Perspective of Homophobia

Abstract In the Middle East, the LGBT communities have for a long time suffered from oppression from social, economic, and legal institutions. Historical marginalization has…

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Same-sex marriage: The moral and legal debate

Without any fear of contradiction, Netherlands can sufficiently be referred to as the mother of same-sex relationships given the fact that it was the first…

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Impact of Same-Sex Marriage in the Society

Introduction Same-sex is the act of marriage that occurs between two people of the same gender who are romantically, emotionally and sexually attracted to each…

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The legalization of same-sex marriages

The past years have observed a significant increase in debates surrounding the legalization of same-sex marriages. In the modern-day America, opinion polls indicate that the…

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