Job satisfaction statistical analysis

Human resource theory suggests that job satisfaction is predicated upon correlation between job expectation and fulfillment of the stated expectation.  Subscribing to this theory, Murray and Cunningham (2004) assert that those “individuals whose expectations of the job are more closely aligned with the reality of the job are more likely to experience job satisfaction.”  To support the quoted hypothesis, Murray and Cunningham (2004) make extensive use of statistical data as shall be highlighted in this report.  However, and despite the fact that their usage of statistical data is accurate, Miner, Glomb and Hulin (2005) test the validity of a comparable hypothesis through the exploitation of a more precise methodology for statistical data collection.  Through an analysis of the usage of statistics in both the cited researches, this report shall conclude with the presentation of two sets of hypotheses which withstand testing validation through the use of ANOVAs.
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