Research Topic: Family Therapy

Subject: 💭 Psychology
Type: Reflective Essay
Pages: 2
Word count: 475
Topics: 🧒 Childhood Trauma, Parenting, 💍 Marriage
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The concept of psychology is applicable in every aspect of human lives. Psychology tends to answer several puzzles of life by explaining the reasons or motives behind people’s behavior. For instance, businesspeople apply psychology when marketing their products. Teachers also use psychology to explain why students behave differently. Although there are several areas of study in psychology, I am interested in undertaking research on family therapy and work with children, adolescents, the elderly, and adults.

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I am interested in psychology because it provides diverse approaches to handling problems or treating specific psychological conditions. Unlike mathematics or chemistry, psychology does not offer certainty of the procedure of problem-solving. The presence of numerous psychological theories and perspectives assist individuals to understand and unveil various puzzles of life. Specifically, the area of family therapy interests me because it provides avenues for developing new relationships, friendship, and indirect family chains with clients. Moreover, I am looking to offer a helping hand to the victims of marital and family problems. Having experienced the harmful impacts of domestic violence during my childhood, I wish to help people solve their family issues amicably.

Family therapy fits my academic and professional experience. As a practicing nurse, I understand that communication is an essential element of understanding the family systems that help the therapist disrupt the negative family structure and mold it to a healthy system (Metcalf, 2011). I also understand the need for employing different models of family counseling in providing help to clients. Apart from the general knowledge of family therapy, I have a comprehensive understanding of the vital tools of need assessment, data analysis, formulation and implementation plans, and accurate record-keeping. Academically, I hold a master’s degree in nursing, and I am currently enrolled for my Ph.D. program in nursing. I am also working in a psychiatry facility.

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I am certain that after earning my Ph.D., I will contribute meaningfully to the field of psychology. Through this degree, I will be in a position to offer effective and sufficient professional care to my patients. As a family therapist, I will be working with a diverse group of people including children, adults, adolescents, and the old.  I will be engaging in therapeutic or counseling work with couples, families, wives, husbands, and in-laws directly. My work will also entail educational and preventive activities aimed at strengthening families and marriages. Psychology is all about understanding the behaviors of individuals and adjusting the stimuli to help them cope or overcome stressful situations (Colman, 2016). My position will contribute to the essential roles of psychology by helping families sail through challenges smoothly. I am also intending to utilize various forms of digital technology and computers to assist individuals struggling with various family problems. In short, I intend to explore new strategies that may improve the state of family therapy as a clinical practice and a branch of psychology.




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