Compare and contrast major literary themes in Beowulf and the move: 13th Warrior

Beowulf is the oldest epic written in English and the single existing cope of the writing dated from the tenth century.  The movie “13th Warrior” is based on this epic poem, however, the representation of major themes, such as friendship, fame, courage, religion and evilness are quiet different.  Some similarities are still present, however, the real events described in Beowulf seem to look better in the movie.  Nevertheless, there are still many similarities and it proves that the great works of literature can by enjoyed and understood by general public with the help of the movies. The central theme of Beowulf is religion and it could not be avoided in the movie as well.  The poem depicts two religions:  Christian and Pagan.  “It came into his mind (Beowulf’s) that he would command the construction of a huge mead-hall, a house greater than men on earth ever had heard of, and share the gifts God had bestowed on him”(Beowulf, 164).  The word God is mentioned and it is capitalized, the same is done in Bible.  Moreover, the elements of creation story are also present “he told how, long ago, the Lord formed earth” (Heaney, 164). 
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