9 Great Cause and Effect Topics for Your Essay and How to Answer Them

Cause and effect is a method of essay development. It helps a writer analyze the reasons or/and the consequences of the event. Other words, cause and effect essay shows how one action or event leads to another one or how effect results from a particular cause. As a writer, you should choose whether your paper will focus more on the causes of one effect or it’ll analyze the consequences of a cause.

We all know what cause-effect relationships mean. For instance, as a student, you probably understand that if before the test you spend the night watching a movie or having fun with friends instead of studying, you are y not perform well on the test.

9 Great Cause and Effect Topics for Your Essay and How to Answer Them

On the other hand, simply because of action or event follows another one again and again, it doesn’t mean that these two events are related. For example, people usually complain that it starts raining after they finish washing their cars. Does washing the car lead to rain? Of course, it’s not the reason. Thus, the writer has to be sure that causes and effects are logically connected.

How to choose a winning cause and effect topic

Looking for a perfect topic for your cause and effect essay? This type of paper can focus more either on effects or causes of an event. In any case, begin writing process with the brainstorming stage. For example, if you want to pay special attention to the effects, think more about reasons that led to the results of the particular event or an action.

Here are some tips to help you choose a good topic:

  1. Pick an issue that matters. It’s important to write about the topic you’re personally interested in. But what even more significant is to choose the one that is commonly interesting to your readers. Besides, it should be narrow enough to help you make excellent arguments for and against.
  2. Determine the cause and effect. When choosing a topic for this kind of assignment, consider a relevant question such as:
  • What is the final result?
  • Is there one final result, or is there a set of results?
  • Is there one primary cause, or are there several different causes?

Write down your thoughts and ideas about the subject. Analyze each cause and effect related to the chosen topic. Think about how to fit all those together.

  1. Choose the main cause and effect to focus on. Decide what causes and effects are the best to discuss. You can’t elaborate on all aspects in one paper. Thus, it’s a crucial step to make.
  2. State the topic clearly. Be clear about the chosen topic to ensure that your opinion is properly conveyed.

Topics that focus on cause

What causes fast food restaurants to be so popular?

Everybody knows that fast food restaurants have nothing to do with the healthy meal. Still, millions of people love the taste of junk food and its affordable prices. So they keep coming back for more.

What are the reasons for insomnia?

There are a lot of health-related causes of such a compatibility problem as insomnia. But you can also analyze how daily stress and pressures in social life lead to the sleep loss.

The causes of voter apathy.

People don’t vote for various reasons. The most popular are lack of time and belief that their votes have no standing. Besides, people don’t vote because they simply don’t like the candidates. Writing on this topic, examine what causes them to feel this way.

Topics that focus on effect

What is an influence of fracking on the environment?

Working on this type of paper, analyze whether fracking is safe or it has a direct relationship to the increasing number of earthquakes, contaminated water and other convulsions of nature.

What are the effects of divorce on children?

More often than not, parents divorce has a huge influence on kids. Children of divorced parents may suffer from depression or have problems with relationships in adult life.

What is the influent of owning a pet on health?

Have you ever felt relaxed and happy after spending time with your dog, cat or even fish? No doubt, pets can make us feel calm. Write your essay about the benefits of having animals at home.

Topics that focus both on causes and effects

What are the causes and effects of stress?

With this crazy rhythm of life, we all have those things in our daily routine that create too much pressure. Analyze what makes you feel angry or frustrated and discuss what long-term effects these factors may have on the health.

What is the cause of overscheduling and what effects it may have on children?

There is an opinion that kids who are not tied up with classes and sports activities have bigger chances to get into troubles. On the other hand, overscheduling can be the reason of stress and burnout.

What are the causes and effects of air pollution?

Analyze the cause of air pollution and how this phenomenon influences on the environment, our health and animal life.

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