Mastering the Art of Writing Great Conflict Essays Examples Included

For any literary fiction, there must be an element of conflict and drama. Drama is only brought about through the introduction of conflict in the story.  Drama is essential to captivate readers and to make your story a success.

Conflict is anything that hinders the character from achieving their goals and can either be internal or external. Conflict is crucial in a story but it does not have to be from a single antagonist or source, writers should be creative enough always to keep the reader surprised and mesmerized.  Conflict is the momentum of events and change and is important for building characterization.  It is the source of change that engages the reader by offering the reader what descriptions cannot. The best storytellers are the ones who can engage their readers and win them with the story. For lasting success, authors should aim at expressing creative fiction with full utilization of both drama and conflict; this is the only way one can have great stories. The more conflict there is in literature, the more captivating the story line.

All Conflict Essays Examples Embrace Lively Dialogue

All Conflict Essays Examples Embrace Lively Dialogue

To bring in the element of conflict in literature, it is important to use dialogue. The dialogue should not be flat but rather interesting. Lively dialogue alongside conflict makes the story much more interesting and captivating to the readers. Conflict essays examples that make use of lively dialogue are:

Do you plan to join the club?

That club has done nothing meaningful to me, why should I join?

Word choice

The type of word choice in your writing can influence the ability to bring in conflict.  Some nouns are representative of life and motion. The chosen words to show conflict should imply motion since conflict is a representation of change.  For instance, it is better to describe animate things instead of inanimate things. The word choice can either improve the literature or make it fail to captivate the readers.

  • It is important to introduce conflict to the story as early as possible. The sooner the reader is introduced to the protagonist goal, the better.
  • As soon as this is done, the obstacles can then be introduced and compounded as much as possible to win the reader’s feelings and thoughts.

Syntax and conflict

Do not just tell the story but rather invigorate the language. The sentences constructed should have carefully selected basic nouns at the end because they have a strong effect. The sentence should be as specific as possible to create the desired impact.  Simple sentence construction has little energy and impact. Thus it is not well-representative of the conflict in the story. Conflict essays example in the use of syntax and conflict:  After John Kidnapped Mercy with his new black car, Mercy walked away from all black cars as she imagined that they all had kidnappers who were coming for her life and so she had to stay as far away as possible from such cars. The sentence implies emotion of fear and reveals internal conflict.

Another important issue to take note of is that conflict does not necessarily have to appear at the beginning of the story. Instead, all the pieces of the literature that lead to the conflict are carefully pieced together in preparation for the conflict. The conflict is not introduced randomly because it would not create the desired impact, but instead, it is brought in just at the right moment.  The anticipation of conflict adds tremendous tension to a story, and when it finally arrives, it feels big. Sometimes it is even bigger than what was anticipated. In general, conflict should start from one level then rise to create a muddle. It should have a high stake of what is threatened.

Use of humor

Humor can be used to express conflict.  The formation of any form of humor requires disparity and surprises that cause a change in perception.


Conflict is essential in storytelling, and there are unlimited ways to use conflict in storytelling. For writers to improve their writing skills, they need to develop their style of displaying action and conflict in order to please their readers and keep them engaged with the story. To be a good writer of conflict, one should persistently practice how to write dramatic prose.

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