Abortion Research Paper: Facts To Know Before Writing

angles that you can use in your paper.

The issue of abortions is highly discussed among various groups of people and has lots of supporters and opponents.

The central aspect of arguing is the fact of interrupting an embryo’s life. Nowadays, even scientists still can’t agree on whether a fetus is a child, can it feel pain during the procedure and may the abortion be considered as a murder.

That is precisely why this topic is not only quite popular but also so newsworthy.

Who knows, maybe your work will push a breakthrough discovery?

Abortion research paper: what is it about?

According to the latest statistics from WHO (World Health Organization), there are approximately 45 million abortions done around the world yearly. This means that every day, roughly 125 000 women are doing an abortion.

As for any difficult decision, abortion has numerous personal reasons. The following list is the roster of most frequently reported reasons for abortion:

  • A woman wants to postpone bearing a child.
  • A woman or family is not financially covered.
  • A child doesn’t fit in the plans (education, career, etc.).
  • A woman considers herself to be too young for a child.
  • There’s a risk to woman’s health.
  • There’s a risk that a child will be born with severe abnormalities.
  • A woman needs to focus on her other children.
  • A woman doesn’t want a baby.

What is more, writing a research paper on abortion requires precise awareness not only of the procedure itself but also of its consequences.

Even when done by professionals, abortion has many risks. They include the chance of infections, incomplete abortion (which would require an additional operation), heavy bleeding (that may lead to death), negative impact on the subsequent pregnancies, and many others.

How to write a decent research paper on abortion?

As I’ve already said, writing a research paper requires lots of exploratory and analytical work. Remember that abortion is a medical topic, so you need to be accurate on everything you write.

To gain a general understanding of the topic, I advise you to search for information on the following questions:

  • What is abortion and how the procedure is performed?
  • The reasons why women choose abortion.
  • The risks for physical and mental health abortion may cause.

There are lots of debates around various aspects of this topic, like morality, humanity, legality, and others. That is why your work may be crucial for better vision of some questions, no matter what is your position towards it.

To write your research successfully, you should follow some basic instructions.

  • Follow the requirements for your task.
  • Avoid rip-off.
  • Check the final work for grammar and style mistakes.
  • Hold to word count limit.
  • Adhere to the specific format.

Abortion research paper topics

As the subject is vast and has a lot of aspects to discover, it is hard to write a research paper on a general question of “Abortion.”

You need to decide which side to join and do research that will prove your point of view.

To support you, here are some ideas of topics that are the most powerful within the issue. You may take one from the list below or just borrow the idea and compose something unique.

  • Adverse psychological effects on families that decided to do an abortion.
  • The life of children whose parents were unable to do an abortion.
  • The physical and psychological effect of abortion on a woman.
  • When abortion has no alternatives?
  • What would be the perfect legislation for abortion?
  • Abortion as an ethical problem.
  • Correlation between religion and abortion.
  • Abortion: a social problem or a way not to destroy society?
  • Whose right to live is more valid: of a woman or an unborn child?
  • Abortion always has a goal.

Research paper against abortion: ideas

If you made up your mind to stand against abortion, you need to think carefully about the reasons behind such a decision. They will be the key ideas of your work.

Keep in mind that the topic is so scrupulous that you have to mind your language not to offend somebody!

Here are some ideas and facts against abortion:

  • An embryo is a human being.
  • The fetus may suffer during the procedure.
  • A woman must be responsible for the sex she had.
  • Abortion is a sin.
  • The number of abortions may affect the birth rate.
  • Abortion may harm subsequent pregnancies.

Research paper on abortion pro-choice

If you’ve decided that you support the idea of abortion, you’ll have to seek for good arguments as a lot of people believe that it is immoral in all aspects.

Below are the best facts and statements that can be useful for your paper.

  • Everybody has a fundamental constitutional right to control own body.
  • Status of an embryo is a subjective thing.
  • Prohibition of abortion may have dreadful consequences.
  • The level of abortions and birth rate depend on different factors.
  • Abortion is a way to prevent overpopulation.
  • There are many cases when pregnancy is unwanted.

Don’t get upset if you can’t make up your mind which side to choose. Abortion is a very controversial issue and needs a severe approach.

Don’t hesitate to look for any necessary information on the topic or even read some abortion research paper examples!

How to craft an abortion research paper outline?

The structure of the research paper is constant, no matter what the topic is.

It usually consists of three parts:

  1. Introduction (+ Thesis statement).
  2. Main body.
  3. Conclusion.

In the introduction, you provide your reader with all the necessary background information and definitions on the topic. Here you also express your thesis, which is actually your point of view.

The main body is the research work itself. This is where you place all your ideas and thoughts on a chosen topic. Remember to structure the main body, break it into paragraphs, and put them in a logical order.

In the end, you write a conclusion, which is a short derivation of everything you said before.

At the very beginning, you may need to write an outline. For a general research paper it may look like:


  • Hook sentence.
  • Thesis statement.
  • Transition to Main Body.

Main Body

  • History of abortion.
  • Modern procedure of abortion.
  • Reasons and consequences of abortion.
  • The moral side of the problem.
  • Transition to Conclusion


  • Summary
  • Unexpected twist or a final argument
  • Food for thought


Writing an abortion research paper thesis

Writing a strong thesis can be a challenge. Considering the complexity of the topic, almost everything said about it may sound loud.

Remember that you have to express the idea in one sentence. Be as precise as possible.

Here are some prompts for your thesis:

  • Possible adverse effects of abortion aren’t comparable to the advantages it provides.
  • Criminalization of abortions will cause backstreet procedures which are dangerous for women.
  • Giving birth to a child and giving it up for adoption will help lots of families who can’t have children.
  • A child ought not to be unwanted.
  • Abortions have to be allowed only due to a neatly established number of reasons.

To sum up…

You need to know quite a lot before writing an abortion research paper. Follow the plan above, use the ideas, topics, and arguments in your work.

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