Best Apps for Your iPhone

If you can’t imagine your life without your iPhone, be ready to make it even more irreplaceable! Texting and taking selfies may be the two major uses you have for your phone, but with these 7 free apps we have selected for you, your iPhone can become a real college student’s helper. Overwhelmed with your schedule, shopping for textbooks, or lost in a pile of lecture notes? Get one (or all) of these apps to make your college life easier.

1) TextbookMe Find the textbooks you need on the go. With TextbookMe, you can compare prices in various online stores, as well as check if the pricing’s better offline or online.

TextbookMe App

2) iStudiez Lite Using iStudiez Lite, you can keep track of all the courses you take. Plan your homework, manage your schedule and add as many details about each course as you need. For full functionality, try the Pro version.

iStudiez Lite

3) inClass With the built-in reminders inClass has, you’ll never miss an important assignment again, and the video, audio, and photo notes will help you save and organize everything you’re told or shown in class.

inClass App

4) AudioNote Lite Note-taking apps are numerous, but the AudioNote difference is that it combines a notepad and a voice recorder. Sync your notes and audio to keep track of the whole lecture and easily find the point you need. The Lite version is limited, so consider buying the Pro one.

Audionote Lite

5) CollegeBooks CollegeBooks makes your shopping for textbooks so much easier: find nearby bookstores, see which one offers the best price, and compare it against the prices in online stores.

Collegebooks App

6) Evernote One of the most popular note taking apps, Evernote has evolved into a real workspace within your iPhone. It can help you with anything from annotating PDFs to creating to-do lists to managing your expenses.


7) Campus Quad And finally, an app that’s for fun, not for studies! Campus Quad lets you instantly discover what’s going on on your campus, create and find events and announcements, and find campus people who share your interests.

Campus Quad App

Time to make your iPhone college-friendly! Do you know any other handy apps that are not on this list? Share them with other readers in the comments!

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