Definition of beauty essay sample

Like all other high school and college essays, the definition of beauty essay should be well researched, well-structured and well laid out. Your goal as the author should not only be to inform but also to elicit some form of response from the reader. The following is a good sample of such an essay.

Definition of beauty essay sample

If it is true that beauty is dependent on the eyes of the one looking, then what or who we consider as beautiful is largely dependent on our environment. There is a correlation between our definition of beauty and sexual attraction between humans. This essay looks at the various humanistic definitions of beauty.

The first approach to beauty is genetic composition. Genetic beauty means that one is either born with what it takes to be beautiful or they are not. The science behind this can be explained by the fact that identical twins always grow to look the same way over the years. This alludes to the fact that our growth and development is largely dependent on our genetic makeup. From the beholding point of view, genetics also plays a pivotal role on how we view beauty. Humans are naturally endowed with sexual instincts for purposes of procreation. These instincts define what we think beautiful is and this is the reason why we are only sexually attracted to some people.

It can also be argued that beauty is defined to a large extend based on the intrinsic instinct to survive. For instance, your base instinct will most likely tell you that a sickly person is not beautiful because they may not make very productive mates or parents. A strong body in a man is naturally attractive to most women because parents want strong and healthy children as well. This is the same base instinct that attracts most men to women with wide hips and large breasts because they have a better chance of giving birth and parenting children into adulthood. Other qualities that we instinctively pick out as signs of good health are red and pink lips, good hair, and red cheeks.

A balanced and even face is usually a sign of good health and will therefore led to more sexual attraction. A face that is symmetrical is naturally viewed as more beautiful as opposed to one that us asymmetrical. This was proven by a test where people were shown two pictures of the same person. In one of the pictures, one side of the face was mirrored in such a way that the right and left side of the same was exactly the same to achieve perfect symmetry. the bigger percentage picked out the perfectly symmetrical face as the more beautiful one.

Beauty can also be defined by what is available. A good example is the eskimos who live in almost complete isolation from the rest of the world. Arguably, eskimos are not the most beautiful of people but the members of that community still find people they deem very beautiful. We usually define beauty based on what is available.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that beauty is more of opinion of the beholder than it is of the looks of the beholden. People define beauty based on attraction and it is very possible to be attracted to personality more than physical looks. However, most of what we call beautiful is influenced by genetics and base survival instincts without which the human race would be extinct.

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