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Every student knows that choosing a strong topic is a crucial part of essay writing. What is more important, it should be based on in-depth research. Political science is a very broad subject which consists of many different theories, concepts, and ideas.

When it comes to choosing a winning topic for a political essay, it’s helpful to draw upon any knowledge and experience you have on this subject. On the other hand, there is no need to limit yourself to just what you’ve already studied. By researching and exploring more details about the particular subjects, you can find an excellent topic that you have never known about.

Great Political Essay Topics with Explanations

To save your time, help you find an inspiration to choose a perfect topic, we’ve created a list of great examples. Check them out!

General topics on Politics

Should more gun control laws be enacted?

America has 88 guns per 100 people or about 270 million guns. This is the highest number in the world. Nowadays, the public gun control debate arises after a major mass shooting. Over the last four years, there occurred more than 120 shootings. Proponents of gun control call for smart gun laws while their opponents claim that more laws would not have prevented the tragedy. What’s your point of view on this issue?

Should the death penalty be allowed?

More than one thousand of people were executed primarily by means of a lethal injection from 1977 till 2016 in America. The supporters of a capital punishment state that it’s a significant tool for preserving law and order. On the other hand, opponents of the death penalty are convinced that this type of punishment has no effect on crime and wrongly gives governments the power to take human life.

Can North and South Korea reunite again?

For more than sixty years, South Korea and North Korea have been divided by the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Despite years of common heritage, South and North Korea are not just separated geographically, but also economically, culturally and socially. Although it is the public resentment, North and South Korea have been trying for decades to find out a way to a peaceful reunion. But is it even possible?

Politics and Media

The pros and cons of social networks when it comes to promoting politics

The role of social media is increasing day by day. People are turning to social media more and more but this time not to post funny pictures or chat with their friends but to know about the latest news of the elections. In fact, social media can really influence the people decisions. So is this good for politics or has its own share of downsides?

The impact of the media on politics

Modern world could not be imagined without mass media. Newspapers, TV, radio and the internet are the main sources of information for people worldwide. Besides, media organizations are generally supposed to play a significant role in democracies. So what does this mean for the functioning of political processes? How effective are they in performing this function?

The role of newspapers in political elections

Since the First Amendment fixed freedom of the press as a fundamental part of American democracy, the media have played a crucial role in politics. It’s not a secret that people need information to make educated decisions. So the journalists’ job is to give it to them. But can the newspapers really change the outcome of an election?

Politics and Global Issues

How can the world unite to fight racism?

Racism is a global problem. In fact, everyone can stand up against intolerant attitudes and racial prejudice. But what can we do to fight the racism?

Do refugees pose any threat to the hosting country?

The Syrian crisis shows no signs of decreasing. Due to this, most host countries lose patience with refugees fleeing the conflict.

Is democracy truly the best form of government?

This controversial question will definitely catch the reader’s attention. Is democracy really the best form or is it the weakest of what we’ve ever had?

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