How Netflix Affects College Students?

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It’s 2 AM right now. I’ve just finished the last episode of Stranger Things on Netflix, which was absolutely awesome, btw!

You say it’s late; I say it’s Sunday tomorrow. No big deal. This time. Still, I did stay up late 4 times this week, and all 7 days of the previous week… But in my defense, I should say there was a release of the Secret City! Who could resist?

Here it is, I am a “Netflix student,” just like millions all over the world. We stay up late for “just one more episode,” we constantly procrastinate our assignments and get addicted to new shows quicker than one gets addicted to drugs.

My name is Jessica. I am 23 years old. I study economics at the University of Pennsylvania, and I am addicted to Netflix.

You might think it’s quite silly. I say that like I’m one of the AA. Still, the addiction to binge-watching is far more serious than you think.

Lately, I did my research on the issue, and the results made me live in the internal conflict for a while.

I’ll show you some numbers provided by Statista about what is Netflix for students.

  • 9/10 American college students use Netflix

Ok, well, that’s a kind of information we can handle! We, as students, could use Netflix for good reasons, right? Right?

  • 3+ episodes watched in a row are called “binge-watching”

That’s the statement we should definitely discuss! Who said that? Why 3+? I vote for 5+ as a binge-watch. Who’s with me? Anybody?

  • 90% of young Americans binge-watch videos either on TV or any other device, and 38% do it every week

That sounds a bit like an issue… But once we all decide that only 5, or better 7+ episodes can be called binge-watching, then we’d have a completely different picture with those numbers!…

You might say, I’m not being serious here. Well, maybe a bit.

Still, why do students Netflix that much?

I personally like Netflix in my life. It actually brings a lot of great stuff! Should you go online and try to find a review about how Netflix affects the life of college students, you would hardly find anything positive!

Everybody says that watching movies instead of writing assignments is awful. They twist numbers, tell that young people became lazy and inactive. They claim we have no ambitions, we only want Netflix and chill.

But that is so wrong!

I can show you the other numbers, that would explain, why Netflix and binge-watching became so popular among students nowadays.

  • Each college student spends up to 30 hours per week in class, which is almost a full working week;
  • 78% of college students have a part-time job to cover their studying expenses;
  • Part-time job takes 20 hours per week if we count standard 4 hours per day;
  • Another 20 hours per week should be spent on completing assignments;
  • 67% of students have depression or anxiety because of the enormous pressure they feel.

No wonder! Should we sum it all up, we’d see, that an average student spends 50+ hours per week in the class and at a workplace. That’s already more than an average adult normally spends at work.

Do you really think we can complete a 15-page research paper right after we get home at night? We have crazy days, full of responsibilities, information, pressure, and all that adult stuff you’re well aware of.

What’s bad about having a break in the evening? Adults do have it. Why is it a shame when we, students, want it too? That’s the pretty good answer to our initial question, what is Netflix for college students? It’s a chance to have a break.

Besides, there is another pretty interesting fact. On the one hand, almost 80% of college students face issues with socialization.

On the other hand, the majority of students report that “Netflix students” are way better with social interactions, as they have plenty of conversation starters to share. This, in turn, reduces stress and improves their productivity.

…How is that possible?

Well, first of all, Netflix helps with making friends. When there is not much to talk about at the very first meeting, Netflix often supplies the topics for discussions everyone feels comfortable to be involved in.

Also, sharing one Netflix student account became a great way to create strong fan communities.

To some, Netflix even became a bridge to finding love! Watching movies together often leads to something stronger and more lasting than casual Netflix friendship. Besides, today it’s

“Tell me what you watch, and I will tell you who you are.”

Therefore, connections tend to be made on the basis of common … Netflix student plan.

I’d say if there is something helpful in overcoming social awkwardness, I’m all for it!

I personally was quite shy during the first couple of weeks in college. It was a completely new place for me, far away from my hometown, friends, and family. I felt lost, alone and upset. I had no clue how to start a dialogue, for all my previous connections were my childhood friends and I don’t really remember how we all got together.

Then, one day, I accidentally heard some girl starting a dialogue about the latest episode of Black Mirror. It was my opportune moment! I joined the discussion and finally was able to talk to someone.

Surely, nobody can deny all the negative effects of binge-watching.

Latest research tells that increasing popularity of the service leads to a decrease in hours of sleep an average student gets. Sleep deprivation, in turn, leads to weight gain, which is, in turn, causes a lot of stress. Finally, long exposure to light during night hours can result in depression or a boost of stress hormone.

And that is so true! I know a whole bunch of people, my mates, who can’t stop watching until they finish the whole season. That’s not how it supposed to be, of course. Still, claiming each student lives that way would be insane.

To strike a balance here, the very existence of Netflix is not a threat to the health and academic progress of an average student. There are loads of responsible young people, who start binge-watch marathons only after every other duty is fulfilled.

It is 4 AM right now, and I might need to go… they’ve just added another episode of Sex Education.

Are you a big fan of another Netflix show and need to watch it immediately? Cool! Do so, while we take care of your assignment!

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