How to Check for Plagiarism

Since the advent of technology and the Internet, in particular, you can effortlessly access any information, anytime, and from nearly any part of the world. Along with that, the original ideas tend to become less likely: everyone prefers reproducing the existing minds and ideas rather than presenting something new.

For this reason, plagiarism is a highly intolerable act in the literary and digital community. At present, it’s avoided by all reputable individuals and companies regardless of the industry they’re operating in. Luckily, along with the innovations, we can now access thousands of different tools and solutions that help to tackle the plagiarism nightmare.

In this article, we’ll provide the basic information about the plagiarism checking process and why it’s so important, as well as some proven ways to ensure your white paper is plagiarism-free.

how to check your paper for plagiarism

Why Should You Check Paper for Plagiarism?

We all know that ensuring your text is original is of the essence, but why is it so? Students need to ensure their academic works are plagiarism-free, teachers accept the original papers only, and universities can approve the graduation works only after they have been scanned through the authoritative plagiarism checkers.

Overall, there are many aspects of why you should check papers before submitting:

  • As a student, you’ll need to ensure the work is 100% original.
  • As a teacher, it will help you to eliminate the copied works and simplify the process of grading papers.
  • As a writer, you’ll want to make sure no one else has the identical content or thesis used, analyzed, or researched.
  • As a webmaster, this process can help to secure your original text from being stolen.

These are only a few areas of use online checkers, but all they can prove is that this process can ensure your content is valuable and fully authentic.

How to Check for Plagiarism Online

Only a decade ago, no one cared whether or not the text was plagiarism-free, as you couldn’t check it. Today, we have thousands of different online and offline tools that can scan any content literally sentence by sentence, regardless of its topic and length.

There are many different methods on how to check your assignment online, so let’s now review the most common ones.

Copy-Paste Your Text

Once you’ve finished spell check and proofreading, the simplest way to ensure your work is original is by copy-pasting your paper into the specific field on a plagiarism checker’s website. The scanning time depends on the content length, and results are usually delivered within the same page, with the rip-off sentences highlighted.

This method is offered by most free online services, as well as the paid agencies, and is highly appreciated for its simplicity and ease of use.

Upload the Document from a Device

Another way to start scanning your academic work is by uploading the document in a certain format (usually, .tex, .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf, and others). The results can show up either directly on the webpage of service or else delivered through the checked version of your document. This approach is mostly utilized by the authoritative services and paid agencies, which use multiple checking approaches (machine scanning and human checkup, for example).

Insert a Webpage URL

If the target content is already published on a webpage, some services offer to check the content originality through the URL insertion. This method is less popular among students but can still save up a bunch of time for webmasters and other content creators that work with website publications.


How to Check for Plagiarism in Your Paper

Most of today’s assignments are typically typed on the keyboard, which makes it really easy to upload for the online plagiarism checker. So, once you’ve decided to check your paper, feel free to use any web service (or even offline agencies) that fits your needs best.

Here are some great qualities that can help you to choose the right plagiarism checking service:

  • Features access to the biggest and most varied database.
  • Ability to detect plagiarism when the plagiarized texts have been paraphrased.
  • Multiple support options.
  • Works well for different sources (scholarly, university, college, etc.)
  • Has a large character limit (or doesn’t have limits at all).
  • Identifies the actual plagiarized source.
  • Different highlight methods for different types of plagiarism.
  • User-friendly and trustworthy.

These are the most common things users check when selecting the most effective checker for their needs. However, keep in mind that not all high-rated services can provide a high-quality plagiarism checkup, so always check the reviews and trust authoritative services only.

How Can I Check My Paper for Plagiarism Before Submitting It to My Instructor?

If you’ve decided to check your paper for plagiarism, there are multiple methods to do so, free of charge and paid services as well. First of all, you can find some on the Internet: these usually offer free checkups with the limitations of the character. Additionally, some services feature advanced scanning for some charge with no limits on the text length and with a detailed analysis of what’s wrong and how to fix the issues.

Also, there are many different academic writing agencies that, apart from creating the papers, additionally offer proofreading options and plagiarism checkups.

So, feel free to pick up the option that better meets your requirements and expectations!

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As you can see, checking your work for plagiarism is now easy as ever before. With the authoritative tools and powerful software, you can not only ensure whether the work is original but also if the content wasn’t paraphrased from other sources. However, if you have any troubles writing an original college paper, research paper, or any other academic writing assignment, entrust this to professionals!

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