How to Choose a Strong Compare and Contrast Essay Topic: Ideas for Writing by Grademiners

A compare and contrast essay presupposes that a student compares two giving objects, events, or concepts to discover their similarities and differences. Yet, including similar and different features is not enough. The paper requires a convincing argument and relevant facts to prove it.

Aside from that, a student must pick the best compare and contrast topics. The title is the first thing a reader sees. If it’s good, eye-catching, and thought-provoking, your audience will be excited to read the whole piece. A well-chosen title is one-third of your success. So, do some brainstorming and select something you feel passionate about. In case you lack ideas, there is no need to worry. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about choosing a topic as well as hundred ideas for such essays.

How to Choose a Compare and Contrast Essay Topics?

Choosing a topic gets easier once you follow several tips. First of all, think about the well-known events or people that motivate you to learn more. Brainstorming will be a great approach here. Make a list of everything that comes to mind. Once you have a list, scan it by asking yourself if you are really excited to write about that. Then you may ask yourself about the angle you wish to pursue. In case you lack knowledge about the topic, do some research. It’ll be a confidence boost for choosing a proper topic. If the topic inspires you, you are more than likely to a good job and nail that assignment.

As s rule, most teachers give out topics to their students. In case you need to do it yourself, look through our free compare and contrast essay examples and pick something to your taste. Discover a hundred topics below and change them if needed to get a good theme for your new paper.

25 Best Compare Contrast Essay Topics in 2024

If you are in need of some good compare and contrast essay ideas, take a closer look at the following list:

  1. Printed books VS eBooks;
  2. Homeopathic VS allopathic medication;
  3. Android VS iPhone;
  4. Mobile phones VS tablets;
  5. E-learning VS traditional schooling;
  6. Beauty standards: American VS Korean;
  7. What’s the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
  8. Should people do cosmetic surgeries?
  9. Should a person have profiles on social media or not?
  10. Passive income: yay or nay?
  11. Attending classes VS attending seminars;
  12. Studying in college VS taking several online courses;
  13. Economy VS economics;
  14. Monarchy VS democracy;
  15. Political systems of Sweden and Germany;
  16. The education system in the UK VS the USA;
  17. Traditions in Russia VS the USA;
  18. Marathons VS walkathons;
  19. Running VS workout in a gym;
  20. Working for a startup VS corporate company;
  21. Being a freelancer VS a regular employee;
  22. Science VS art;
  23. Live in high school VS college;
  24. Investing in education VS spending money on entertainment;
  25. Having a part-time job VS freelancing while studying in college.

Such topics are sure to be easy since there is a lot of information online. You may substitute some countries or adjust the topic to your liking.

25 Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

In case you need more things to compare, pick some great ideas here:

  1. Books VS Movies;
  2. 3D VS 4D movies;
  3. Traditional VS Chinese medicine;
  4. The architecture of France VS Italy;
  5. Boys VS girls (behavioral aspect);
  6. Physics VS chemistry: which class is easier?
  7. Fossil fuels VS alternative sources of energy;
  8. Hurricanes VS tornadoes;
  9. Bacteria VS viruses;
  10. Plastic VS paper;
  11. Higher education in the UK VS India;
  12. Lincoln VS Washington;
  13. Lamborghini VS Maserati;
  14. Renaissance VS Baroque art;
  15. World War I VS World War II;
  16. Unemployed VS employed students;
  17. D. VS Master’s degree;
  18. Life in small villages VS capitals;
  19. Coffee VS tea;
  20. Love and hatred;
  21. New York Time VS Forbes;
  22. Classic music VS hard rock;
  23. Roman VS Greek mythology;
  24. Fiction VS non-fiction;
  25. Marvel VS DC.

These topics are easy and simple. If you lack experience in writing such assignment types, selecting one of these themes is a convenient solution. You’ll practice creating such essays and later move on to more exciting options.

25 Thought-provoking Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Students who have some experience writing such papers can easily pick more complicated comparison contrast essays topics and give more food for thought to their readers.

  1. Public VS private universities;
  2. Life and death: different philosophical points of view;
  3. Ancient Egypt VS Ancient Rome;
  4. Smart house VS normal house;
  5. Living in an apartment VS private residence;
  6. Samsung VS Apple;
  7. Windows VS macOS;
  8. Classical VS pop music;
  9. Watching movies VS going to theaters;
  10. Learning obligatory VS self-chosen subjects;
  11. Documentary VS fiction;
  12. Texting VS talking face-to-face;
  13. Facebook VS Instagram;
  14. Tennis VS badminton;
  15. Wearing high-end brands VS going to thrift stores;
  16. Birthday gift: money VS present;
  17. Jane Austen VS Charlotte Bronte;
  18. Living your dreams VS reality;
  19. American English VS British English;
  20. Vacationing in the mountains VS by the sea;
  21. Working from the office VS home office;
  22. Bible VS Quran;
  23. European VS American movies;
  24. Poetry VS prose;
  25. Van Gogh VS Picasso (or any two artists).

Thought-provoking themes always lead to unexpected discoveries. It’s exciting to write such essays. However, students often end up with too many facts and arguments. They fail to remain consistent and persuasive. Take it into account before working on such topics.

25 Great Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

Explore even more compare and contrast ideas to add to your list:

  1. Shopping online VS in malls;
  2. Virtual VS Augmented reality;
  3. Star Wars VS Star Trek;
  4. Film producer VS film director;
  5. Humanitarian disciplines VS precise science classes;
  7. Rich VS poor;
  8. Summer holidays VS winter holidays;
  9. Traveling solo VS with friends/family;
  10. Harry Potter: books VS movies;
  11. Earthquake VS tsunami: which one is more destructive?
  12. European VS American customs and traditions;
  13. Democracy VS dictatorship;
  14. End of the world in different religions;
  15. Hollywood VS Bollywood;
  16. Pilates VS stretching;
  17. Steve Jobs VS Bill Gates;
  18. Sherlock Holmes VS James Moriarty;
  19. Sherlock Holmes: movies VS series;
  20. Driving a car VS riding a self-driving car;
  21. Going out VS staying at home;
  22. Boxing VS kickboxing;
  23. Eating fast-food VS healthy meals;
  24. Waking up early VS late;
  25. Parental control VS complete freedom.

Since these are just examples, you may adjust them as you please. Use the given topics as inspiration and pick two famous books, movies, characters, personalities, cultures to compare. You may also think about things that bother you at the moment and write an essay involving them.

Need Help With Compare and Contrast Essay Topics?

After you’ve just discovered a hundred ideas for compare and contrast essays, you are likely to know which topic to focus on now. Pick the given idea or alter it as you please to create unique comparison topics for your essays. As soon as you have the title, don’t waste any time and get down to writing because the process is tiresome and energy-consuming. You’ll also need lots of time to do research, pick relevant facts, and write a text according to a specific structure.

In case you lack time or resources, you may always delegate the job to our experts. We can create a unique, high-quality essay on a given topic while you do anything you want. If you don’t have a topic, experts can help you pick the best one.

Hire professional writers and secure better grades. Since we can meet any deadline, you may rest assured you’ll receive texts on time. They will be edited and checked for mistakes. We’ll take care of everything for you.


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