How to Write a Great Essay About Sports

The introductory paragraph when writing about sports is very important because it enables the readers to be well-informed about the expectations of the other paragraphs.The introduction should  briefly explain a specific topic to guide readers in comprehending the essay content. In general, sports is used to describe different types of physical activities that people engage in. Therefore, writing a great essay about sports requires one to focus on a specific sport. This essay will use basketball as the main sport.

 How to Write a Great Essay About Sports

Structuring Your Essay About Sports

The body of the paragraph represents the main points of the essay and supports the thesis statement by presenting the importance of the sporting activity. A good essay must have at least  three main paragraphs with solid examples and evidence. In this case, there are quite a number of sports that exit to date.Activities such as basketball and football are used to nurture physical health as well as develop excellent interactive skills. When people participate in sports, they utilize maintain and improve their physical capabilities.

Some of the sporting activities require only two participants while others require more than two individuals group or a large group.Sporting activities are categorized into the most popular and the broadest physical activities. For example, physical sports consists of activities that can be done during  the Olympic Games.Apart from the physical games, sports also include mind games such as chess and scrabble which are currently recognized as a form of sports by different generations. However, not all mind games are acceptable as sports. One consideration for a game to be considered as a sport is that it should have a competitive element. Secondly, the game should not cause harm to people and the chances of winning should not be based on luck.

 A Practical Sports Essay Example

Benefits of Basketball

Basketball is a fun and exciting sport that can be used to spend time catching up with friends. Basketball is also used to exercise as well as make new friends. Most teenagers view the sport as a hobby which plays a major role in their lives. The sport is used to pass time by both young and old people. Basketball is an enjoyable game that can be played and watched by almost anyone.

Out of all the other sports such as football, baseball and soccer, Basketball is the overall best sport. The sport can be used to burn calories as well as have fun as opposed to sitting all day watching television or playing online and video games. Furthermore, the sport is enjoyable to watch on television since you can incorporate the moves performed by the professionals into your style of playing. In addition, a majority of people borrow moves from the professional players of basketball and personalize them to expand their variety of tricks.

Basketball Promotes Teamwork

Basketball can either be played alone or with teammates. In most cases, people prefer to play with others because because people have different playing styles that one can master. For instance, the different styles include:

  • The Playmaker
  • The Passer
  • The Dunker
  • The Defensive player
  • The Shooter

Also, basketball encourages people to exercise team work while bonding during their training sessions. The main idea of the game is to unite the players into one team whether they lose or win a game. As a result, basketball promotes cohesion, teamwork and communication.

 Basketball Favorite Player

My favorite player is Kobe Bryant who is a role model to many kids who love and enjoy playing basketball. Kobe is considered to be a versatile player with flexible moves who plays both sides of defense and offense. Kobe also makes the game quite interesting to spectate since you can learn various moves to up your game. Basketball is also a fantastic way of getting things of your mind as well as expressing yourself.

In conclusion, basketball is a good pastime sporting activity that can also be used to bond with colleagues, friends and family members. Basketball also enhances people’s confidence levels as it makes them to be more aware of their different personalities. The sport also enables players to be more creative by looking for new tricks to defeat the opposing players. Basketball also enables people to comprehend the essence of teamwork in order to achieve a common goal.

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