The Scarlet Letter Essay Topics

The Scarlet Letter: A Romance is a novel by American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne first published in Boston in 1850. It is considered to be one of the cornerstones of American literature.

That’s the first American novel that caused wide resonance in the whole of Europe.

This peace is about the life of Puritan America in the period of incipience. The history of Hester Prynne’s life – a young woman who has not only sinned with a priest but also bore a child from him – a little girl who looks like an elf.

For her love, she became outcast and had to carry the letter “A” on her dresses – adulteress.

This is about a weak woman, who carries her “shame” with a head held high, with the endless fortitude.

The novel raises numerous moral dilemmas and ethical issues, and that is why reading it might become quite a challenge.

Still, the novel is undoubtedly worth reading, but still, it is truly complicated to realize all its depths.

The Scarlet Letter essay topics

First of all, keep in mind that you need to follow the specific requirements your teacher has set.

Get your paper organized at the very beginning, and you will surely benefit from it. This will also help you choose the best topic for the essay.

Here are some examples:

  1. The difference between how Hester treats herself and how society treats her. – Examine the personal self vision of Hester, and the vision of a society, what are the differences and similarities?
  2. The role of native Americans in the novel. – Explore how native Americans influenced the main characters and the whole plot.
  3. Describe and explain the meaning of the symbols the author uses. – Make a list of symbols you can find in the text, analyze their general and specific meaning in the novel. Why are they important?
  4. The Scarlet Letter: what can modern society take from the book? – Think about why you still have this book in the school program. How can the lessons provided by the author be helpful today? What have you carried out from the book?
  5. How does the meaning of the letter “A” change in the story? – Describe the meaning of the letter “A” in the story and compare it on all stages of the narrative.
  6. Evaluate the character of Hester. – Describe her treats of character, her feelings and thoughts, analyze everything her identity consists of and express your attitude towards her.

The Scarlet Letter essay prompts

First of all, to write a successful essay, you’d want to analyze a composition first.

Any literary work has numerous connections within the plot; characters interact, and their actions differ. Getting those tiniest connections would help you gain a better understanding of the novel.

Here are some general instructions on how to analyze a composition:

  1. Define the thesis and the purpose of the composition.
  2. Analyze the structure.
  3. Consult any sources to understand unfamiliar words and constructions.
  4. Make a short description of a book.
  5. Write a summary.
  6. Characterization: describe and analyze the characters of the story.
  7. Examine the main conflict.

After this, you are ready to choose any topic about the book and write your essay.

Surely the topic is not everything that you need to write a successful essay. After choosing a topic, you need to think of ideas you’ll present in your essay.

And just because The Scarlet Letter has quite a complex composition, you may be puzzled with what to write.

Below you may find some ideas and questions to elaborate on. Remember, if you disagree with some of the statements you may still use them… to create a dispute.

  1. Think about how events and locations are presented in the book. What is the difference between day- and nightlife?
  2. Scarlet letter and feminism: analyze the possible correlations.
  3. Discuss why Hester’s husband decided to torture her instead of just revealing the truth?
  4. Analyze the difference between adultery’s vision nowadays and the times of Puritan society. Which one is more correct? Why has it changed?
  5. Do people consider Hester’s punishment to be strict or too light? Why do they think so? What is your point of view on her punishment?
  6. Describe the role of background characters, like Mr. Wilson, Mistress Hibbins, Governor Bellingham, and others. Why are they in the story? What are their roles in the plot?
  7. Restore all connections between characters in the novel.

Controversial essay topics on The Scarlet Letter

In case you’re a fan of The Scarlet letter and want to write a specific, unique essay, there’s a need to compose a vivid topic.

Below you may find some examples of the topics which are not that easy to cover. Keep in mind that you need to be quite a bookworm to choose these topics for your essay:

  1. Explore the collision between human rights and the Puritan law.
  2. Imagine what the future of Pearl is? Which factors define it? Why?
  3. Choose and analyze any chapter of the book. Why is it significant?
  4. The long-lasting effect of sin in The Scarlet Letter.
  5. The role of public shame in the novel.
  6. Morality and moral problems highlighted in the romance.
  7. The problem of abusing relationships in the book.

All in all, The Scarlet letter is a multifaceted composition. It might be difficult to read and comprehend. Writing an essay on it may turn out to be a challenge.

Still, any effort you make would be worth it. The Scarlet Letter is a true masterpiece, crafted to change lives. You won’t regret.

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