Instructions on how to write a research paper on divorce

Instructions on how to write a research paper on divorce

The prevalent separation of married couples has contributed to the popularity of the subject of divorce. Consequently, divorce has become a common research topic in schools. Follow the following instructions when doing a research paper on divorce.
Two individuals undergo a lot before they decide to divorce each other. They meet and decide to marry each other after dating. The decision to marry may be because they love each other; have conceived a child together; for convenience reasons for instance because one party needs a green card or one side is attracted to the other’s wealth; or arranged unions. The married parties soon face various challenges that lead to the need for a permanent separation. The separation, in this case, is called divorce. Therefore, individuals need to be married for divorce to take place.

  • Conduct extensive research on the divorce topic. Ensure that you use the stipulated sources required by the institutions. Some schools require scholarly sources, books, internet publications, or websites. Only use the sources allowed by your school. Research the following:
  • The meaning of divorce
  • Reasons for divorce
  • Process of divorce
  • The consequences of divorce.
  • Recommendations on how to deal with divorce

Researching the above pointsResearching the above points will give you enough content to write in your paper. Ensure you obtain statistics or examples during instances when the instructions require you to provide the same.

  • Plan your essay. Planning involves preparing yourself to write the essay. You should write a plan and format that your essay will follow. The plan involves the points you will include in the introduction, body, and conclusion. It also involves the number of words to use, which statistics, graphs or examples that you will apply in the essay.
  • Start writing the essay. The common format for essays includes having an introduction, a body, and conclusion. However, your teacher may specify the format to use. Follow the format given by your instructor (if any) or use the common format.
  • The introduction should entail a description of divorce. You may start your introduction with a fact, a question, a short anecdote, or a quote. The introduction should explain to the reader what the paper will cover. An explanation prepares the reader while showing them what to expect in the essay. You should conclude the paragraph with a thesis statement that tells your reader your stand on divorce. The statement should be elaborate but concise.
  • The body should contain the reasons, process, and consequences of divorce. You should be very clear, provide quotes from your sources and cite those sources in the text and the reference page alphabetically. The paper should be educative and original. It is a research paper thus entails a text that contains detailed information about the topic. For instance, when explaining the reasons that lead to divorce, ensure that you elaborate on the points. Do not just highlight. For example, you may state loss of love as a reason for divorce. Provide an explanation that depicts how love loss results to divorce. The same also applies to the divorce process. Avoid listing points without proper explanation. The Proper elucidation shows that you conducted extensive research and that you understand the subject matter. Ensure that you also elaborate when explaining the consequences of divorce. You may state that divorce results in broken families who may affect the esteem of children. You should explain how the children develop low self-esteem.
  • You can also have a recommendation section where you provide insight on how to avoid the negative consequences of divorce.
  • The conclusion sums up the paper’s contents. Include the crucial points like a simplified meaning of divorce, the causes, process, consequences, and recommendations. Include the thesis statement to shows your reader that your essay has supported your stand on divorce.

Remember to cite all the informationRemember to cite all the information that you borrow from others. Ensure that your work is original, articulate, error free, and follows the various grammar guidelines.

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