How To Write The Best Paper On Police Brutality?

Even even though thousands of students have to write essays from time to time, it’s always a real problem to create an interesting paper, which can impress your readers.

Moreover, there are a lot of professional authors who admit that police brutality research paper is more challenging than other topics because you should analyze a lot of news and analytical materials to make your own conclusions.

We get the issue, that’s why we decided to write this article and consider the most useful suggestions.

What is the best structure for police brutality research paper?

You probably understand that there is a typical structure of an essay; each student should use it when writing a paper.

… But why should you do this?

In fact, you are not obliged to stick to this structure. Still, most probably your teacher would consider the structure and may even decrease your final score if you don’t follow the requirements.

Also, the structure, that has already been checked thousands of times and approved by thousands of people should at least have a good reason behind that.

So, there is no need to waste your time and creative potential on this part of your essay. Better spend this time on your research.

Simplified police brutality research paper outline

If you decided to use the typical structure of police brutality research paper outline, you most probably know it consists of three main parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

… Let’s see what they are all about.


It’s the beginning of your paper, where you present the main idea. In most cases, it’s relatively small (only 5-7 sentences), that’s why you should choose words carefully and use phrases, which can grab the attention of readers.

Professionals admit that you can use interesting facts to make readers interested in your topic.

If you are going to consider discussion questions about police brutality, you can find the number of people who were killed by police during the previous year in the US.

We are sure that this information will be interesting for your audience. If you don’t want to use this type of statistic, you can find something else.

Fortunately, the media consider this issue quite often, and you will not have problems finding relevant information.

The main body

After that, you should write the main body of your paper. You can use this part to consider the most critical police brutality research questions, and provide your own point of view.

The number of paragraphs or words is not limited, and you can use as much as you need to convince readers in your opinion. However, don’t forget that teachers usually set their own word count limit.

You can consider any high-quality research paper on police brutality sample on the Internet to figure out how to present your ideas. It also would clarify how to choose the right order of arguments and make this article more attractive.

Always analyze other texts to avoid the most common mistakes.


Use this small paragraph to sum-up everything mentioned in your text. Keep in mind that it’s your last chance to convince readers, that’s why you should write this part carefully.

Moreover, don’t forget that readers usually pay attention to the first and the last paragraph, that’s why you should spend more time looking for the greatest ideas and forms.

Paper On Police Brutality

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Research paper on police brutality sample: a brief analysis

Beth Plant, Danny Rodriguez, Jesus Calderon, Johnny Weeks, Richard Moulton, Dimas Diaz and more than two hundreds of other people. Do you know these names? In fact, all of them were killed by police in the US in 2019. Don’t you think that the primary purpose of law enforcement agencies is to protect people and keep their safety? It seems that our cops have already forgotten this fundamental principle. Well, we decided to write this article and consider the main reasons of police brutality in the US. Let’s do this together!

As you can see, the author started this article unusually. You cannot understand the essence of the first sentence, but you want to do this, that’s why you cannot stop reading.

Moreover, the writer notices the number of people killed by officers. This info is really horrible but impressive, that’s why people don’t have any choice, and they continue reading.

Use these small tips to write an exciting introduction and the whole paper as well. Stick to our recommendations, and you will not have problems with essay writing at all.

Police brutality research questions to investigate

There are some essential questions to ask a police officer about police brutality. If you read news from time to time, you probably have a lot of questions, which you would like to ask.

However, there are still a lot of students who are not interested in the issue. Still, they have to find and cover one of the police brutality topics and write the essay.

Here are some questions that would inspire even those, who seem to be not interested…

  • Is it real to stop police officers from being brutal?
  • How to stop police brutality?
  • What is the main reason behind police brutality?
  • Why do cops in the US are so brutal and violent?
  • Is Stanford prison experiment real?
  • How to punish officers for being brutal?
  • Does race make any difference in the case of police brutality?

Most exciting police brutality topics

In case these questions don’t help you find the best theme for your paper, you can look through the following list of research topics on police brutality to find the best alternative.

  • Is it possible to prevent brutality in the US?
  • Is police brutality real? 5 facts that prove it!
  • 5 ways to stop police brutality.
  • Is it bound with racism in the US?
  • The social problem of police brutality.

On balance…

The topic of police brutality is not one of the most pleasant ones. Still, this issue is quite critical. It may cause severe social and interpersonal problems, as well as have a massive impact on the development of the whole country.

Therefore, it should be highly discussed. We have to discover all the possible reasons, along with the potential consequences. This kind of information can be used to prevent damage and stop police officers from spreading violence.

Can’t motivate yourself to write an essay on police brutality? Well, our writers are always motivated to help you out! Few clicks and your evening is saved…

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