Simple Tips On Writing The George Washington Essay

So, George Washington University (GWU) can be tough to get in. It’s an elite university, chartered by the U.S. Congress since 1821.

And nowadays lots of students who dream of starting a political career crave to get in the GWU. But the university accepts only 11, 504 students yearly.
George Washington Essay Writing

GWU accepts only those who are curious, talented, and brave. Those who are sure they can make a difference and who are ready to change the world from the freshman year. The perfect George Washington essay shows that you can analyze, plan, and perform realistic solutions for complicated situations.

Students worldwide know and love GWU for its campuses and programs. The best are government, international affairs, public policy, and journalism. There is also an Honor program, which differs because of:

  • The small classes. You’ll study in a group with up to 19 other students.
  • You’ll get access to the Honors residential community.
  • Off-campus activities are available.
  • Exclusive Honors courses.

…and many more.

To apply for the Honors program and achieve all those privileges, you need to write an admission essay.

George Washington essay: what’s it all about?

To get into GWU, you’ll need to write a proper, well-formed essay in the special, George Washington writing style. Usually, it contains 250 to 500 words, depending on the prompt. This is the most crucial part of your application.

Since 2015 an essay has more impact on the final result, than all other tests. That’s because, in GWU, they want to see independent, initiative learners with leadership qualities.

Your essay is a chance to prove an admissions committee you are the one worth the place in this prestigious university.

Base your work on your story, your unique life experience that would demonstrate your best qualities. It’s a chance to show yourself in a positive light.

There is a variety of prompts to choose from, so you’ll have the possibility to select a topic you like and are good at. You should show that you are a mature, independent person, positive-thinker.

To apply for the Honors program, you need to write another essay, on a different topic.

We’ll cover those topics a bit later in our short overview.

Shortest advise on how to write GWU essay

To impress the admission committee, you need to combine the excellent test scores and an outstanding essay that will prove you’re worth the place in GWU.

…Well, how can you write that essay and show your best in merely 250 words?

Here are some tips:

  • Be bold and clear. Don’t get into a trap of the abstract terms and vague telling.
  • Make a story out of your life experience. To cover up the prompt, choose an important story from your life and tell it like you would expose it to your friend.
  • Show yourself in a positive light. Try to be a mature, adult person in the eyes of the admission committee.
  • Start small. Don’t try to rewrite the World History or solve a global problem in your essay. Better show how you understand the importance of small, realistic changes.
  • Make your essay structured. The main idea has to be traced through all your text.

Remember: you don’t need to be a world-known hero to impress the admission committee.

What actually matters is your ability to persuade people, make small changes, maintain a sustainable friendship, or go through a hard time with a head held high.

George Washington essay prompts and how to deal with them

The essay prompts of GWU are oriented on your skills of independent and creative thinking.

There are three kinds of George Washington essay prompts:

  1. Those for all students are named the necessary prompts. Their main goal is seeing strong leadership qualities and analytical skills in the future student’s minds.
  2. Prompts for the Honors Program. These are made to make the admission committee understand the real student’s concern about getting into GWU Honors. It’s essential to have a clear and convincing motivation of attending the Honors, other than the program’s prestige.
  3. If you want to apply to the School of Media and Public Affairs, you need to be familiar with the best examples of the news media style. An interview with yourself is a perfect way to show your experience.

So each prompt shows your abilities and motivation from different sides.

You better think of your strongest traits and choose the prompt that highlights them accurately.

The use of George Washington University essay examples

Essays needed to get into GWU usually look like standard essays, around 250-500 words long. In the first paragraph, you describe the situation that happened to you or the historical moment, that has led you to the choice of this topic.

Don’t get caught in defining the problems of history. Better briefly tell why it matters to you personally. Spend the rest of your essay describing some actions you’re going to take to change the situation.


While writing an essay to the School of Public Affairs, don’t ask any questions in your text. They take too much space.

Focus on the answers.

Here are a couple of George Washington University essay examples for your inspiration.

George Washington leadership essay

Prompt 2 belongs to the kind of leadership essays. Its goal is to examine your ability to think globally but practically, provide rational solutions to existing problems, and engage others in your activities.

When writing this essay, it would be great to include a narrative about the situation when you engaged others into a meaningful dialogue, that mattered. The best outcome, of course, would be a massive change of something in the result.

You can also take a long-term friendship as a basis for a George Washington leadership essay. Tell about the way you and your friend changed because of this friendship and your ability to maintain healthy relationships.

Don’t panic if you didn’t happen to participate in political debates or elsewhere.

Remember, that even a casual dialogue, where you’ve faced the complete opposite point of view and discussed it, – counts.

Don’t make up a story about how you persuaded this person to accept your point of view with just one dialogue.

Changes take time, and GWU admission committee understands it. Let’s see an example of the essay well-done.

George Washington short essay

There is no option to submit a shorter essay. But for those who don’t like to write a whole lot of words, two necessary prompts need to be written in up to 250 words.

Also, if you’d love to apply the School of Media and Public Affairs, you need to submit an interview with yourself written in the style of the top media worldwide like the New York Times.

To submit an excellent George Washington short essay, you need to keep things short, not fall into the details or the history of questions you describe.

Be brief and bold, don’t hedge. Let’s see some examples of the essays well written.

On balance…

There’s a whole bunch of work you need to do before applying to the elite society of GWU. But these efforts will pay off very short.

Studying at George Washington University will make you a part of an exclusive circle of world leaders.

Here’re our very last and best short tips for you:

  • Don’t lie in your essay, create a unique work, do not steal or copy anything from the others.
  • Tell about your life experience or what matters to you personally.
  • Don’t try to change the world or solve global problems in a single 250-words essay.
  • Stand your ground.

Good luck!

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