Simple tips on writing the George Washington Essay

Simple tips on how to write a great George Washington EssayGeorge Washington was talked about so often during days of his service when he was still living and he is still being talked about today for the great impact he brought to America and its people.

Shall we teach you how to write the George Washington Essay? No. We shall not do that. Instead, we shall give you tips that will help you write a very good essay abuts this great man, George Washington.

First and very importantly, have an introduction George Washington was the very first American president who served out of great will and had a great desire to see the best of America and all the people who lived in America.

Secondly, have the main part for your George Washington essay

The body needs to contain well written paragraphs with short but precise sentences, to show that you have also been consistent in your research. It is important to cite those facts that are not your own making, as this also shows an acknowledgement of another great writer’s work in your George Washington essay.

The achievements you write in your main part of the George Washington Essay maybe something like this:

Leading U.S to victory during the decisive land battle- Being Commander in Chief of an army meant that George would either lose or win in battles. Even though he got to lose in most battles, he never left his army. He did not surrender. He put so much effort into this land battle that British his opponent had to make some negotiations to end the conflict. This was in the year 1781.

He didn’t seize power- As it may be expected from most presidents; Washington

did not continue to ask for more time in power because of the achievements he had made. On the contrary, he resigned as being commander in chief and went home to till his land, because he felt he had accomplished what he needed to do for his people.

He was first president ever of the United States- For some reason; the people of America loved George Washington. He served the people and not himself. Of all votes cast during the elections, he received 100% of the votes and declined to serve as president for the third time to allow someone else able to lead the nation.

George Washington’s many forms of leadership have survived till today- There are many forms of leadership that presidents get to come up with that are no longer used after they are done with their terms of service. Every president has therefore come up with their own. However, it is different in Washington’s case as many of his leadership forms are still in use to this very day.

He made the most prolific farewell speech- George Washington’s parting shot or farewell message has been referred to by many other presidents after him, a speech he gave after 20 years of having served the United States of America. Today, he is not only remembered for that speech he gave but for the accomplishments he made for the nation that he loved and how much he fought to see America progress positively.

Finally, let your George Washington Essay have a conclusion

From all the facts you have given about George Washington, is there something new? Give recommendations of good books for research for the George Washington Essay and also remember to cite relevant sources that will be helpful to your readers to enable them to refer and to get more information that you may otherwise have forgotten to include in your George Washington essay. Your citing sources not only makes your work original and creative, it also allows to reduce any plagiarism in your papers.

This shows a great conclusion of the George Washington essay as it shows you researched on his entire life history. The conclusion needs to be as strong as the introduction.

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