Tips on How to Write Analysis Paper

If you really want to learn how to write analysis paper, you should learn few main things about it. No serious paper, especially analysis one, can’t be done at the last minute. You need to do some solid work that requires effort, time, and research. You should go deeper than just simple text writing. Probably, you will read the main text numerous times to understand it and its purpose. You need to identify its background, history, culture, operations and lots of other important stuff.
Analysis Paper

Select Your Topic

This is the first and obvious task for you. Your topic can very straight or has some obscure features. It depends on your original object, actually. If you are analyzing some project, you should choose straightforward format. And if you are writing about simple text, you can be more obscure.

If you have an opportunity to choose your topic by yourself, consider having some close to your interests theme. It will give you’re an opportunity to learn more about topic you are interested in and will support you while working.

You should do some researching work in the library and internet to find some interesting material to support your analysis. Don’t forget to check out newspapers and magazines for some inspiration and specific facts.

Begin Your Analysis

You should learn to observe to learn how to write analysis paper. You should read your main text without any distractions around to do a real analysis. After that, you should read it for a second time. This time you should make notes about things that can be helpful for your writing. These can be things that can be interesting for others, some facts that you didn’t know either.

Don’t forget to note your ideas and thoughts about the text or project. Identify its goal. Don’t be lazy and note details. And remember, your analysis paper isn’t something simple and general. It should be detailed, a unique and specific piece of work.

Write Your Thesis Statement

It is time for your thesis statement to improve. What should it be? First of all, it is one sentence. It should be clear and define your whole analysis paper. You should locate it at the very beginning of your text, in the first paragraph, actually. It will serve several different functions. The main task of your thesis is to give you the destination for the whole paper.

It defines your working parameters. Also, it would be some kind of a review for your analysis paper. It will show you and the reader what you are talking about. Thesis is giving the argument for your work. It should be provocative to grab your readers’ attention, actually. It should not be too general or too narrow. And one more time, it should be clear and reflect your analysis destination.

Support Your Argument

Your argument is by the thesis statement. But, what will support thesis statement? The body part is the answer. This part of your text supports thesis statement and argument at the same time. While writing about some exact text (book, poem), there is a good option for you to cite the source to support your argument. You should focus on your argument. Don’t forget to explain how your citations support your thesis. It is very important. Everything in your text should serve as the support for your main point.

Also, don’t forget about outside sources. These things and facts can be very important and do the whole supporting job for your text. To be more serious and convincing, try to use solid sources like some professional journals or official statistics, for example. Everything should support your main point, but don’t use quotes too often. Why? Because it is your work with your own words, thoughts, and ideas. It is not a simple recitation of the source.

Use Credible Research Sources

Don’t forget to use some serious professional literature like articles, books and studies. Don’t forget to check up your internet supporting information; it is often doubtful and unclear.


In this part, you should write your thesis again. Here you should do the summation of your whole text. But, you should be brief. Conclusion is not the biggest part of the analysis paper.

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