Steps to follow when writing an essay on climate change

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Regardless of which course you enroll for, you will be required to write an essay more than once. It is highly likely that you will be instructed to choose a topic as well. Your grade will depend entirely on the successful completion of this paper. With such high stakes in mind, it is necessary for you to read on for tips and tricks on how to write a high-quality essay on the topic of climate change.

The first step of writing such an essay is, like any other, to review all instructions given for your paper including specifications on format, structure, and length. Skipping this step might mean you have to redo your paper all over again once you discover you missed an important detail.

Next is the all-important topic choice. You must be wondering, why is your choice of topic so important? First, because climate change covers quite a large range of issues

Climate change covers carbon emissions, global warming, and seasonal variations, among many other issues. Choosing a single topic among all these is a challenging task and must be done with a lot of precision. How do you choose an appropriate topic for your essay on climate change?

  • Choose a topic based on how many relevant sources you can find. Relevant sources must be credible as well.
  • Choose a topic you are interested in, it will make writing your essay easier and enjoyable
  • Choose a topic that will lead you to answer a specific question on climate change.

Topic choice is also important because it determines how you construct your thesis. In case you do not know much about constructing a good thesis, do not worry as this will be covered in the next step.

Once you have come up with your topic, its time to get down to research. Be careful where you look for information. A reliable source will be one whose author has knowledge of climate change or an organization that deals with matters of climate change.

Have all your material together? Now, create an outline for your paper. Your essay should have a three point structure;

  • An introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • A conclusion

Remember the thesis? It is at this point that you come up with one. Your thesis is the compass of your essay. It will tell your reader which direction your paper is going to take in answering your research question. Simply put, a good thesis says “reducing carbon emissions will reduce global warming because of reason 1, reason 2 and reason 3.”

How does the thesis act as a compass? Your body paragraphs will be built upon the reasons enumerated in your thesis. Body paragraph 1 will begin by stating reason 1 and supporting it with facts, same to body paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 and so on.

Remember, for every fact you state, you must cite your source. Issues such as climate change have plenty of reliable sources but in order to avoid plagiarism, always include an in-text citation after each fact. There are many referencing style, your choice will depend on the instructions given for your essay assignment

Finally, you have arrived at the easiest part when writing a climate change essay. This is the conclusion. All the conclusion does is restate the thesis and summarize the main points. Your conclusion has to answer the “so what” question that will be in your reader’s mind by this point.

Mistakes to avoid when writing an essay on climate change

  • Do not refer to facts that cannot be proven- always stick to known issues which have the backing of academic journals and other reliable sources
  • Do not choose a general topic which cannot answer a specific question – general topics will ruin your thesis as well as the content of your essay. Specificity is key
  • Do not forget to proofread your work

writing an essay on climate change

Having read this simple guide, you are now ready to write a high-quality climate change essay.

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