Structuring of an argumentative essay on euthanasia

Structuring of an argumentative essay on euthanasia

The topic of euthanasia has been on headlines of many arguments on whether it is morally correct to practice it. Writing an argumentative essay on euthanasia can be interesting since it covers a lot and touches on an issue that has emerged in recent years

Euthanasia or mercy killing as some people like to refer to is the act of painless killing of suffering patients to relieve them from the pain they are experiencing. The word has brought a lot of controversies as people are divided on whether they support or not. Getting to know how to write a good argumentative essay is important. The essay is aimed at giving the reader all the points that are involved with euthanasia while still convincing them as to why you, the author stand in a particular stance.

Important tips on which to focus

Captivating title: the topic that you are going to discuss is on euthanasia and the title for the essay should not divert from the topic but it should at the same time bee catchy to the reader. A catchy title will make the reader be ready to read through your essay eager to know the content. A good and original title will aim at giving a preview of the essay’s content.

Introduction: the introduction will aim at explaining the title to the reader and at the same time introducing the topic of euthanasia. While writing the essay your introduction should be able to provide relevant information that will inform the reader on your topic.

Create a thesis statement: this is the statement that comes at the end of the introduction paragraph. The thesis statement should sum up what you view is about the whole issue of euthanasia. The thesis should be straight to the point so as it sticks in the mind of the reader from the beginning so as to flow with you in the rest of the essay.

The body: the body of an argumentative essay should consist of both the evidence that supports the opposition and also the evidence that supports your claim. State the evidence correctly about the opposition but be able to provide stronger evidence about your stand in the argument. Be able to include counterarguments; this is statements that show the reader why your choice of the stand is better than the rest of the opposition statements.

Conclusion: while writing the conclusion to your essay make sure it is aimed at asserting your argument that you created at the introduction of the essay. In addition, the conclusion aims at persuading the reader also to join you and support your side of the argument. Avoid also introducing new information in conclusion. The conclusion is to just have a summary of the whole article.

Proper researching and citation

 Do the research: doing proper research on the topic of euthanasia is important since it will give you content on what to write. Visit the library and choose the books that correspond to your topic. In addition, look for reliable sources from the internet. It is advisable to look for sources that discuss on both extremes, not just the points that support your argument. Collecting proper information for what supports your stand and also the opposing side will make your essay be strong.

  • Provide sources that are reputable: sources that are peer reviewed are the best when doing your search for content. Also, make sure that the sources are from recent years so as to give an argument basing on the current ideas that are circulating. However, do not forget about the old resources since they will give you information that can be trusted since they have been viewed over and over again.
  • Choose powerful quotes to include in your essay: having powerful quotes that support the points you have in the argumentative essay is important so as to make it more credible. Use scholarly sources to get your quotes since they have been written by scholars who are experts in the field. Avoid blogs since they can be written by anyone and posted on the internet for anyone to access.
  • Citation: Finally, when you use quotes in your easy it is required that you cite your sources at the end of the essay. Not providing citation will be rendered plagiarism since you did not give credit to the original owner of the quote. Learn how to cite with different formatting styles.
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