7 Essay Writing Challenges And How To Handle Them

If there is an opened empty Word file on the background and you are unthinkingly browsing through the Internet searching for at least a glimpse of inspiration, trust us, you are not alone.

According to the study of DSU students, 60% of them procrastinate more on writing tasks than on any other workload. All professional writers face a writer’s block at some point. Procrastination is waiting for them at social media news feed or somewhere near a cozy chair with an exciting book.

Students sometimes have a right to stare at the blank sheet of paper with no clue or desire to write. Writers, on the contrary, earn a living by writing, so they have no chance but to struggle with all the challenges of writing.

Also, they understand your issue with writing like nobody else, and they already came up with some efficient solutions to these challenges.
Here you will find out how to overcome all obstacles and succeed in academic writing.


What are the common challenges in writing an essay?

When it comes to the accomplishing of the writing assignment, a student goes through several stages of despair and has to clear some obstacles on the way to an excellent paper. These are the most frequent problems that any writer can face on all steps of the writing process:

  • No clue on how to start the text.
  • Searching for compelling arguments.
  • Getting rid of clichéd words.
  • How to find the right tone for the audience?
  • What if I fail?
  • Proper formatting of the quotes.
  • Time management.

Challenge #1: Start

The very first sentence of the essay is the most complicated and takes the most time.

Solution: this is one of the typical problems in academic writing for a student who neglects the pre-writing stage. Before writing, sit for some time, define the purpose of the essay (e.g., to educate, to persuade, etc.) and contemplate the ideas on how to fulfill it.

For example, you can draw a mind map or use a technique of a word salad when you are writing down all the ideas that come to mind without censoring them. Thus, you get a direction of where to search for materials and facts.

Challenge #2: Search for compelling arguments

Solution: make a thorough research of the issue and check your list of ideas. Remember: any argument may seem solid if it is supported with proofs taken from reliable resources.

People tend to believe reputable sources, so take advantage of it. Press a librarian into service! Do not rely on the Internet only as not all great magazines or books have an online version.

Actually, limiting yourself with online sources is one of the main problems with writing.

…Think out of the box!

Challenge #3: Clichés

Solution: get rid of them. Read the text carefully, and if you see one, rephrase it with simpler words.

If you cannot see them at once, let your friend read the text, as it is easier to spot such things from the sideline.

Remember – avoid clichés like the plague!

Challenge #4: Tone of voice and the audience

Solution: it is one of the most common problems students have with writing. It is necessary to meet the requirements of academic writing and select the right tone and language to create a top-notch paper.

As a rule, academic papers call for unbiased third-person voice, so check the paper and correct all your “I think” and “To my mind.”

All the terminology that you use in the text should be explained, and it is necessary to avoid colloquialisms and slang. But, if you think that adding a lot of compound words of too sector-specific terminology is a good idea, you are wrong.

It is hard to beat plain, clear, and logical language. As when a writer hides behind the heavy-weight word constructs, it is a sign that his knowledge of the subject is superficial.

The audience is another crucial aspect of your paper success. You do not write for corporate purposes. Thus, you have to take the audience into account: make sure that the paper will be interesting for readers.

It should not offer the information that is obvious to your audience, nor should it be too simple or too complicated for understanding.

Challenge #5: Fear of Failure

Solution: practice. And practice. And practice again.

… Nobody’s perfect.

It is fine to have doubts, each and every writer is skeptic about the success of the paper sometimes. If you want to make sure that your paper complies with the wishes of your teacher, show him the rough draft.

If there are some discrepancies, the teacher will show you and explain how to fix it.

Challenge #6: Quotations

Solution: many students struggling with writing essays forget about proper formatting of the citations and then get into trouble.

Each and every quote placed into the text without affiliation is considered to be plagiarism.

… Do you want to be punished for plagiarism?

If no, stick to the chosen citation style. There are plenty of guidelines online where you can check the correctness of the formatting.

Challenge #7: Time management

Solution: leave no out to procrastination. It is a great temptation to wait for a deadline date and try to complete the task within several hours in a hurry.

Proper planning will save you from such problems in writing.

It goes without saying that no student would like to spend several days editing a paper. However, several additional hours dedicated to the research will significantly improve your analysis of the issue.

Also, you will be able to set the paper aside and return to it after a couple of days. Thus, you can revise it from a fresh perspective.

Other problems with writing you may face

This issue deserves a whole “The challenges college students face” essay. There are plenty of reasons for the appearance of low-quality papers. These can be lack of time, attention, inspiration, and knowledge of where to start.

  • Lack of time can be fixed only with proper planning, as it is beyond remedy. Here is a tip: always write down all the referencing information when you use a source. Thus, you will be able to save a lot of time.
  • If you can’t focus on the task, here is a life hack: switch off your smartphone and forget about your social media account for at least a couple of hours. It works, guaranteed.
  • If you’ve got lack of inspiration, try to read essays dedicated to the same subject. It may help you shape your thoughts in the right direction.
  • If your knowledge of the subject is superficial, the only solution is to study more. Unfortunately, there is no magic trick that will make you know more.
  • If your writing skills leave room for improvement, develop a daily habit of writing practice. Buy a fancy notebook and write down your stream of consciousness.
  • Some people find it challenging to edit and proofread their own texts. Here is a tip: try to read the text backward, from the last word to the first. Another great technique is to read the paper aloud. In such a way, you can find the parts where the transitions are not smooth.

If you are having a hard time writing an essay, it is all right to ask for professional assistance. After all, no one obliges you to order a custom paper. You can look through sample papers or ask skilled editors to check your paper.

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