Top 7 Examples of Essay on Human Resources

Human capital is a valuable part of any business establishment, so the business must adapt to the growing need to invest in the proper management, development and retention of its people. Accordingly, many companies are now scrutinizing the science of human resource management. If you are a student in management or entrepreneurship, you will have to write at least one essay on human resources.

The main goal of this assignment for the student is to show his competence and ability to express his thoughts and information correctly. At first glance, it might seem like writing an essay on human resources is a daunting task because it involves a lot of effort. But if you stick to the guidelines, you can quickly and easily allocate time and effort to further write an essay on human resources. Find out how to do this below and get inspired by sample essays.

5 Tips on How to Write an Essay on Human Resources

Writing an essay on human resources can take you a lot of effort and time. Therefore, you need to know a few recommendations before starting work. They will help you make the process of writing an essay on human resources easy, fun and short-lived because you will learn how to allocate your energy and time properly.

  1. Choose a direction that is good and relevant to you about the essay on human resources. To not drown in this ocean of possibilities, first determine what is most interesting to you. What do you think about most often when faced with the study and writing essay on human resources? What gets your attention to the point where you forget about everything else? What would you like to improve in human resource management methodology?
  2. Once you’ve decided on the direction of writing an essay on human resources, find out what you like best. Depending on this, your essay will be descriptive, analytical, reflective, critical, or otherwise. Once you’ve combined a topic that interests you with the look of an essay on human resources, sketch out a few options for topics. At this stage, it is not the exact formulation of the important topic but understanding the essence of the problem and the potential for its solution when writing an essay on human resources.
  3. Remember that not every student can write a good essay on human resources without knowledge and information. Therefore, take the time to gather all the information you need to write an essay on human resources.
  4. When exploring the potential of an essay on human resources topic, pay attention to the availability of literary sources. In some cases, it is more logical to first find the necessary information in the sources, and then begin to form thoughts in the form of essay on human resources. And remember that this knowledge will help you write an essay and when performing other types of academic work.
  5. After selecting specific topics for an essay on human resources, evaluate each topic for how meaningful you can cover it. Do you have interesting observations and ideas on this topic? Can you surprise the reader with something? Do you feel inspired when discussing this topic? In writing an essay on human resources, you should understand that you will have to formulate a specific thesis and then prove it with arguments. Will you be able to do this for the selected topics?

7 Examples of Human Resource Management Essays

This selection of 7 essays on human resources will help you find the topic you would like to write an essay about in Human Resource Management. After reading, you will be inspired, and it will be easier for you to decide what you would like to write about because this topic touches on many aspects of this type of management. You will also acquire new and valuable write an essay and perform knowledge about human resources to later independently write an essay on human resources.

Human Resource Essay Example 1: “Do I See Myself as a Competent and Good Manager?”

A manager is a person who holds a permanent managerial position and is empowered to make decisions about specific activities of an organization. This person must have higher education and bear a huge responsibility for the success of the company or projects. I believe that a competent human resource manager should know how to correctly use management mechanisms, tools and management methods.

The relevance of these phenomena is due to several factors. Firstly, there is no doubt that the efficiency of the organization as a whole, the effectiveness of the labour activity of employees, etc. directly depends on the level of construction of the management system. Within the framework of the new paradigm of personnel management, the human resource is positioned as the most important resource of the organization, since it is the source of the formation of strategic competitive advantages. Therefore, the functioning of all systems of the organization directly depends to one degree or another on the human factor.

Secondly, do not forget that management in some countries has a rather short history of development in comparison with developed countries. And so every manager needs to constantly learn and experiment. And this necessitates the adaptation of foreign management experience to domestic realities. In our time, many authors have published a significant number of works within the framework of this discipline, and many management models have also been formed. I believe that according to the requirements a manager:

  • must be confident in their decisions, be fair;
  • must continuously learn and apply new knowledge in practice;
  • suggest new good and proven techniques improve the outcome of the project;
  • be able to competently and quickly analyze a large flow of information.

In modern conditions, a manager must have many qualities that will help him solve all the issues that arise. After all, a manager must be a purposeful, energetic and persistent innovator who knows how to manage subordinates. It is these qualities that I also possess, which gives me the opportunity to apply for this position.

It is also worth noting that in modern conditions, the correctness of the behaviour of a business entity in the market to a decisive extent depends on the adequacy and timeliness of managerial decision-making by the head. After all, the following points can be identified, which entirely depend on the personality of the leader, his business and human qualities:

  • choosing the right direction of the business;
  • the ability to anticipate the development of the market situation;
  • the correct choice of development strategy;
  • selection of team members;
  • correct setting of tasks for team members;
  • the ability to build viable plans;
  • the ability to establish relationships with other entities: suppliers, consumers, governing bodies and others;
  • many other points are related to the development of the organization in a constantly changing market environment.

All these aspects of the organization’s activities are understandable and important to me, therefore I am ready to make effective management decisions on them. Therefore, I see myself as a manager and consider myself a worthy candidate.

Human Resource Essay Example 2: “Purpose, Tasks and Functions of Human Resource Management”

Currently, in the age of information technology, when there is an active change in the structure of society and the consciousness of people, it is extremely important to carry out a process to improve the management processes in the organization. But first, every person who has to improve the quality of human resource management needs to understand the basic functions and tasks of such a complex and responsible process.

Human resources are all employees and their responsibilities in any organization. They include production personnel and management personnel. Throughout the development of mankind and civilizations, people had to regulate relationships for the sake of survival and improving the quality of life. Therefore, in our time, human resource management is a complex system that includes interconnected and interdependent subsystems for the creation, use and development of labour resources.

What are the types of definitions of such a phenomenon as human resource management? Human resource management is an approach to a person as the main factor in achieving the goals of an organization. This is an approach to a person as a source of income and an investment. This is an analysis of the organization’s human resource needs. This is an analysis of the situation with human resources in the environment external to the organization. And also this is the formation of the organization’s human resources and the creation of a system of employee interactions.

The main goal of this process is to ensure the use of company employees and their human resources in such a way that the employer can get the maximum possible benefit from their skills and abilities, and the employees can get the maximum possible material and psychological satisfaction from their work. This process is based not only on the ability to organize a team from a quantitative and qualitative point of view, but also on the ability to use psychological techniques.

Each manager should be prepared for the fact that personnel management is a more complex process than managing the technological part of the production. This is due to the high likelihood of conflict situations on both work and personal issues.

Depending on the line of business of a particular company, a human resource manager must perform the functions inherent in this activity. They are different and each of them gives a certain desired result if the process is established by the manager correctly and correctly. What are the most common and working functions of managers or people involved in human resource management?

  • Forecasting the need for personnel working;
  • planning the number and quality structure of personnel in the divisions of the enterprise;
  • searching for qualified personnel;
  • holding competitions for vacancies;
  • certification of applicants for work;
  • organization of the adaptation process for new employees;
  • organization of personnel training;
  • development of recommendations for professional development;
  • organization of personnel retraining;
  • organization of management training and a number of others.

Since the functioning of any enterprise is based on the human factor, there is an objective need to regulate this process. It can be argued that the final result of any project depends on the properly organized activities of the staff, be it a small project or a large-scale project to create an innovative product.

Human Resource Essay Example 3: “Staff and Manager Motivation in Human Resource Management”

As you know, human resources are the foundation of any production process, since it is on them that the effectiveness of a particular activity depends. Therefore, project human resource management is a process that results in the efficient use of human resources. The human resource management process of a project involves the organization, management and leadership of the team that directly implements the process. And I think that this should be given special attention.

In any organization, each person involved in the production process is endowed with certain responsibilities. Otherwise, they can be called project personnel. In my opinion, the basis of the project’s human resource management process is the motivation of the participants. The level of staff motivation is desirable for their high-quality and organized work, both with clients and within the enterprise, because their work directly affects the efficiency of the organization. And so we can conclude that employees are one of the key and important resources of the company.

But sometimes crisis situations provoke a difficult situation for the enterprise, due to which panic can arise in the state. Such an environment, naturally, demotivates employees, and the reasons may be different. This can be uncertainty about the future, a decrease or delay in wages, reductions, and increased workload.

The leader plays an important role in motivating employees. The leader is obliged to take part in all areas of the organization. Everyone understands that the market is now in stagnation and that no one has any illusions about this. But the employee must understand what is being done in the company to overcome the unfavourable situation. And to be sure that the management will not abandon them, that they are needed, they are engaged in important business and receive a worthy reward for it.

It is very important to correctly decompose the project and divide it into manageable stages, if necessary, into subprojects and other components. This procedure is performed at the initial stage of the project. Its purpose is to provide a good basis for sound planning. It ensures that plans are made for reasonably chosen time horizons.

When dividing the project, it is necessary to describe the goals of each component and, at least in the first approximation, estimate the resource requirements for their implementation. It is equally important to draw up a milestone achievement plan and milestone level charts prior to each project phase. Moreover, participants must agree on which milestones are particularly critical to the project and ensure that everyone understands the severity of the implications.

In order for the project to achieve its ultimate goal, it is extremely important to organize and provide for all possible nuances. It can be argued that the processes of organizing a project contain three components.

  1. The first is organizational planning, which involves drawing up a plan and analyzing all stages of work.
  2. The second link is the appointment of personnel, in accordance with the required tasks and goals.
  3. And finally, the third stage is team development. An important point here is the motivation of the personnel, the general focus, the team’s ability to work, and the fighting spirit.

Therefore, of course, the success of any project must be backed by a very competent and wise leader who knows the psychological characteristics of each employee, who knows how to properly organize the production process, is able to set incentives and motivation for the staff. Thus, the success of the project is ensured even in crisis situations.

Human Resource Essay Example 4: “Variety Management”

The structural basis of management in the field of various art consists of an organization (theatre, production centre, a philharmonic society, etc.), whose effectiveness will depend on the correctly found model, as well as the personality and professional training of the manager. Each direction on the stage has its own management models, together with the criteria for its effectiveness.

The main goals of management in the field of pop are such as the creation of the most favourable conditions for the promotion of creation and the dissemination of art, for creativity, as well as the professional growth of performers, the development of genres of professional art, copyright protection, and the achievement of optimal financial results. Management in the field of professional art is, in general, a combination of management of the artistic process, economic and organizational activities. The solution of these problems is inextricably linked with the improvement of the culture of serving the population and the formation of services for different categories of the population.

If you were to find yourself behind the scenes of any performance, you would witness total chaos. For example, there might be actors in one corner rehearsing their lines, while tailors and seamstresses hemming their suits at the same time. The background can swirl right and left while the team stands by, ready to carry furniture for the next scene. However, at the centre of all this chaos is a critical person and this is the leader. He coordinates all aspects of the production, from costumes, sets to actors and rehearsals, so that everything goes well.

Stage managers typically provide practical and organizational support to the director, actors, designers, theatre crew and technicians throughout the production process. I believe that such a position presupposes high professionalism and moral training, which will positively influence the work process during crisis situations in an institution or in a team.

Human Resource Essay Example 5: “How to Start the Process of Human Resource Development and How to Avoid Problems?”

Human potential tends to grow constantly. This is due to the fact that over time, an enterprise or organization begins to demand more and more efficiency from its employees. That is why the development of human resources is one of the key issues of the firm’s management.

One of the most difficult periods for any employee is his adaptation to the enterprise. Not only do newcomers have to familiarize themselves with all the organizational issues, but they also have to take a certain place in the team and go through serious psychological pressure. The introduction of a person into a new position is also of great importance, namely, acquaintance with official duties.

The policy of the enterprise management on these issues is of great importance in the course of these processes. A friendly atmosphere is also important, and methodological support is also required. For example, large firms have practices such as conducting lectures and seminars for new personnel, as well as introducing training programs. Thus, the development of the potential of each employee can be quick and beneficial for the company or organization.

But the enterprise can often face difficulties. One of the most important problems faced by the human resource of an enterprise is paying insufficient attention to this issue. Nevertheless, managing people requires specialized knowledge, as well as skills and mechanisms. So, the first thing worth paying attention to is the development of leadership in the team. Moreover, this should relate specifically to the working moments, and not to the personal relationships of employees. Unfortunately, this is often neglected by many businesses.

Another important problem of the organization is paying insufficient attention or completely ignoring the need for human resource management. However, it should be understood that cadres do not have the ability to self-regulate. A clear policy should be developed on this issue.

Also, one of the most serious shortcomings of modern management is considering the organization separately from the staff. So, sometimes employees are not ready for changes in the work of the enterprise. Therefore, the manager must understand the main concept of personnel management. This category includes several aspects:

  • economic component;
  • strict subordination to a single leader;
  • definition of a clear management hierarchy;
  • development of discipline norms, as well as a system of rewards and penalties;
  • clear definition of the area of ​​responsibility of each of the employees;
  • development of organizational culture, thanks to which the personnel feel the unity of the work collective.

In conclusion, I can say that the biggest mistake can be considered an underestimation of the human component in the work of an enterprise, which interferes with the development of human resources. It is often this leadership oversight that causes serious economic problems.

Human Resource Essay Example 6: “What Recommendations Can I Give on the Management of Human Resources?”

In every enterprise or organization, the main motive for development is the competent management of human resources and their improvement. In order for the use of human resources in the enterprise to be effective, managers must be guided by a number of recommendations in their activities. For example, the best motivation for employees will be a clear demonstration of the career growth of senior management. Why is this done? Personnel must set specific goals for themselves and be aware of the reality of their achievement.

Another of the most important aspects is decent wages, even in the most difficult and crisis periods. Employees must receive the agreed amount in order to realize their value to the organization. In any case, the employee will leave the company if he cannot fully support himself and his family.

Also, employees must thoroughly know comprehensive information about their enterprise, as well as the mechanism for making a profit. The knowledge of employees should not be limited to a narrow range of their duties. It is important to note that in communicating with each of the employees, respect should be guided because each of them has the opportunity to leave for another organization.

But the main recommendation is that the manager thoroughly knows and learns new methods of human resource management in the organization. What it is? Methods are a way of influencing a team or an individual employee to achieve a set goal, coordinating his activities in the production process.

Administrative methods are based on power, discipline and punishment. They rely on the administrative subordination of the object to the subject, based on the existing management hierarchy. The main functions of administrative methods are to provide a stable legal environment for the activities of an organization, to protect a specific environment, to guarantee rights and freedoms. And economic methods are based on the use of economic incentives. With their help, material incentives for the team, individual workers are carried out.

By the mechanisms of the economic method, the state has a tax, credit and financial system, a price system, the size of the minimum wage, and plans for economic development.

Socio-psychological methods are based on the use of moral incentives to work and influence personnel with the help of psychological mechanisms in order to translate an administrative task into a conscious responsibility, an inner need of a person. This can be achieved through:

  • building a team, creating a normal psychological climate and creative atmosphere;
  • personal example;
  • meeting the cultural and spiritual needs of workers;
  • the establishment of social norms of behaviour and social stimulation of the development of the team;
  • the establishment of moral sanctions and encouragement;
  • social protection.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the role of human resources should be clearly understood at all levels. This is one of the most important elements of the functioning of not only a single enterprise, but also the state as a whole. It is important to remember that a person is of the highest value, and his abilities and intelligence are of the greatest economic interest. Therefore, managers should not neglect the trust of their employees.

Human Resource Essay Example 7: “What Are the Main Directions of the Psychologist’s Activity in the Human Resource Management System?”

The place of a psychologist at an enterprise is very important because it is this person with a higher education who can objectively assess many human qualities and ways of their development. I believe that the main focus of a psychologist is to create a reserve for the internal growth of a specialist, as well as to participate in career planning. This is done by describing the personal qualities of employees and their development strategies. Determination of opportunities and boundaries for growth and self-development is very important for the categories of specialists and managers.

Also, a specialist in the field of psychology, in my opinion, should be engaged in identifying factors that prevent the emergence and development of conflicts since conflicts cause enormous damage to the organization. It is possible to reduce the likelihood of conflicts by carrying out the correct selection and placement of personnel, taking into account not only professional but also psychological characteristics.

Other cases in which a specialist psychologist can help identify motivation and needs for changing the system of material incentives. In general, with any organizational change, a psychologist’s participation is necessary to reduce the resistance of employees. Latent resistance is especially dangerous. What other types of psychologist activities are there in the human resource management system?

Professional selection is a procedure that, in the case of professions with relative professional suitability, helps assess the effectiveness of an employee and establish a forecast of his professional development. Personnel selection – creating a reserve, completing departments following specific criteria (professional competence, specialization features, etc.) Personnel adaptation is the process of getting new employees acquainted with the organization, with new working conditions and changes in the behaviour and psychological climate of the organization.

Personnel assessment is one of the most critical areas of work with personnel. It is carried out constantly throughout all stages of the personnel life cycle: recruiting, adaptation, consolidation (stabilization), development, leaving (moving personnel to subsidiaries, branches), etc. Assessment is a method of a comprehensive assessment of personnel that every psychologist should know in organizations. It is based on using a system of complementary methods, focused on the real work behaviour of the evaluated employees and taking into account the specifics of the requirements of job positions.

Psychological support of human resource management is a set of technologies, activities, procedures, and application principles, involving the use of psychological mechanisms and patterns of human functioning, who acts as a subject of labour, a collective subject of activity and a social community. I think that the role of psychological support is to optimize the ergonomic, organizational, informational, hygienic prerequisites for the activities of the personnel of the enterprise.

Still, essential tasks for a psychologist are such procedures as psychological, educational activities and psychological examination. Increasing the psychological literacy of staff, creating a favourable image of both the psychologist’s activities in the organization and the tasks of psychological support, popularizing and explaining the latest psychological research, developing the need for psychological knowledge and skills among staff and the desire to use them in professional activities and other life situations.

Expertise is understood as the study of any issue requiring special knowledge, with the presentation of a reasoned opinion. For example, to establish the compliance of professionals with the requirements of the labour post. As well as a study of organizational projects, regulatory documents, workplaces, working conditions, work and rest regimes, incentive and motivation systems for work, systems for the distribution of labour functions, corporate culture, causes of conflicts and causes of injury.

Therefore, do not neglect a specialist in the field of psychology. In my opinion, he can best understand how to properly manage human resources and have the best influence on personnel to achieve better results in an organization or an enterprise.


As you can see, an essay on human resources can be a fun and educational assignment for you, which will open you up to important new knowledge in this area. With the right effort, you can write an essay on human resources well and then it will be easier for you to write more complex academic work while at university. So don’t be afraid to get started!

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