‘What is culture?’ essay writing guideline

Writing an essay majorly entails telling a story about a specified topic. When called upon to write an essay with the topic ‘what is culture,’ the key part to note is the definition of the word ‘culture.’  The examiner wants you to define and touch on the different aspects of culture. Just like any other essay, the structure of the essay takes the normal three part format; introduction, body and conclusion.

Writing an essay majorly entails telling a s

Find the definition of the terms

You need to fully understand the meaning of terms when writing the essay. Proper definitions can be found in scholarly articles, journals and books. Here is the beginning of the research. Find a definition that is related to the topic you are studying. In the process of learning the words, prepare a rough idea of what you will talk about with regards to culture. Write ‘what is culture’ essay outline to guide you through the research stage.

‘What is culture’ essay outline

Writing the outline will enable you arrange your ideas in a logical manner. In the outline write the points that you intend to tackle each of the three sections. The outline will take a point form format having only the important points mentioned. Don’t worry this outline is not part of the essay unless required by the instructor.

Essay Sections

Each section of the outline will have the following information.

In the introduction, you will define culture and state its relevance to the topic you are studying. Give  a little background information. Finally state the thesis statement for the essay. The introduction should be as precise as possible giving the reader clear details of what to expect in the paper.

The body would include the arguments that you have gathered during research. The number of paragraphs in the body would depend on the number of ideas. Ensure to allocate each idea its own paragraph and have a logical transition of the ideas  throughout the paper. You may have each paragraph giving account of the issues in the sources identified. Remember that the sources have to be scholarly to strengthen the legitimacy of the arguments.

The conclusion is a summary of the essay argument. In this section you will continue to affirm the issues raised on culture. End the paragraph with a repetition of the thesis.

Writing the First Draft

Now that you have all the content and outline written out, it is time to write our first draft essay. Follow the structure of the outline and write your essay. Organize the ideas in a logical manner that shows a good flow. Use short sentences in the essay that are clear and precise.

Ones you done, proofread the paper and ensure that you correct all mistakes. If not confident about your own editing skills, seek the help of a proof reader and make amendments as requested. By the time you write your final draft, you will have a perfect paper that is ready for submission.


As you have seen the success of writing a good essay would depend on a number of factors. All these factors mentioned above are important in producing an essay that meets expectations. You have to conduct proper research on the essay topic until you feel comfortable with it. The research stage may take a while, therefore, be patient and gather the right info that will help you with your arguments.

Writing good essays needs a lot of practice. Just like producing any other master piece, after a couple of tries, you will have a good product. This kind of essay topic is direct and would need direct arguments. It is important to spread the essay writing stages throughout several days if the deadline  is not close. You will find that if you take several days writing an essay, you  will be able to spot section that are not relevant to the topic. It is therefore to begin the process of crafting an essay immediately it is assigned to have enough time to produce a masterpiece.

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