Writing Police Brutality Research Paper

Police brutality is one of the types of misconduct which may include physical, mental, and emotional violence. It exists almost in every country, even though it is prosecuted.

This is a unique type of crime as in spite of being illegal, it is still performed under the color of law. When it may sound not so serious, keep in mind that it is one of the most earnest violations of human rights.

Surely, police officers work in tough, stressful, exhausting and dangerous conditions. It happens sometimes that they need to handle the situation by force.

Nevertheless, at least once a year, we hear another loud story about a policeman who overused his authority.

What is police brutality research?

Doing a police brutality research means picking a specific question which refers to this topic and examining it. So generally you are to examine anything connected to police brutality and bias. Here are some general recommendations on how to write such research paper:

Compose a well-aimed topic

Don’t make it too narrow, or too broad. The topic which has enough information available is the most suitable. If you have trouble with it, there are some ideas for you below.

Make a research proposal on police brutality

It is the skeleton of your research paper. This is where you represent all the parts your essay consists of.

  • Start with the introduction.
  • Write the main body. As you will be stating different ideas, they will be divided into paragraphs, and that needs to be described in a table of contents.
  • In the end, write a conclusion – it is where you make a derivation of everything you stated before without adding any new ideas.
  • Finally, you may need to write references. They are every source you used for your work. Name and make them out due to your teacher’s requirements.

Try composing a catchy beginning

If the reader’s attention will be grabbed at once – it is a success for sure. You may start with a rhetorical question or a shocking fact. Maybe you’ll manage to find an appropriate anecdote.

Include a thesis statement in the introduction

This may not be obligatory, but it will give a better understanding of your work. A thesis statement is the main idea of your research work accommodated into one sentence.

To give you an example:

“Black people are more likely to experience police brutality during detention or arrest than other people.”


“Stressful environment is a prominent reason for police brutality and bias.”

Be consistent with your statements

For some topics, it is enough to just enumerate your ideas, not taking their order into account. But for some, you need to think first how you should place them. Ideally, one statement has to come out from the previous.

Search for a research paper on police brutality sample

There’s no good copying it, but you may find some useful ideas.

Most prominent police brutality research questions

If you don’t know how to compose a topic for your essay, try just picking the aspect of the problem you’re most interested in. Have difficulties formulating it or still aren’t sure with what to discover?

…here is a list of a few research topics on police brutality to help you!

  1. What can be done to decrease police brutality?
  2. Reasons for police brutality.
  3. Methods of prevention of police brutality in your country.
  4. Police duties and police brutality: where is the border?
  5. Racism as one of the main factors of police brutality.
  6. Can sexism be seen as one of the main factors of police brutality?
  7. Forms of the police brutality.
  8. How are police officers accused of brutality punished? How should they be punished in your opinion?
  9. Is corruption a type of police brutality?
  10. Police brutality in a selected country.
  11. Pick on a case of police brutality and examine all the reasons, consequences, punishment, and other factors.
  12. Police brutality during football matches.
  13. Is it the system that forces police officers to become brutal?
  14. Where are police brutality rates higher: in cities, urban, suburban, or rural territories? Why?
  15. In which country the highest rates of police brutality are reported? Explain why.
  16. Police brutality as a social problem.
  17. How can we measure to which extent police brutality occurred?
  18. Can stress be the prominent reason for police brutality?
  19. Are there cases when doing policeman’s duties were seen as brutality? Are there many such misunderstandings? How to different duties and brutality correctly?
  20. Think about a community policy that may reduce police bias. What would it be like?

The structure of research papers on police brutality

None research paper or other writing work is written as a solid text. You have to structure it not only to fit the requirements but also because it will be easier for you to control what you’re writing.

By breaking the text into paragraphs will let you feel where you begin and end your ideas. Writing a police brutality research paper outline will ease structuring it. So here is the structure for your research on police brutality:

  • Introduction. Here, you introduce the reader to the topic of your work. You start with some background information, add historical view and definitions if needed. It is a good idea to imagine that the reader knows absolutely nothing on the topic and reads something about it for the first time.
  • The main body. This is the main part of your research work. You state all your ideas and found information here. Don’t forget to structure it too, it needs to be divided into paragraphs. If your statements aren’t too broad, it is perfect to write one paragraph for one statement. What’s more, try to be logical and consistent with your presentation. Start the new statement only after you’ve finished the previous one.
  • Conclusion. It is the inference of your work. After everything has been said, you sum it all up without adding any new information here.
  • References. You may need to write a roster of the sources you’ve used for your work. Include both Internet sources and books and literature you’ve found.

In a nutshell, writing a police brutality research paper is a real challenge. The problem isn’t explored enough though it is a serious one.

Concentrate on the aspect which strikes you most, and make a little research – almost everything needed is possible to find on the Internet and libraries.

Good luck!

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