Writing a Police Brutality Research Paper

Writing a police brutality research paper is akin

Writing a police brutality research paper is akin to walking a tightrope. The reason for this is because a narrative has been created that there are two sides of the issue. The citizens who suffer in the hands of the police are cast as victims while entire police forces are labeled as perpetrators of atrocities. This means that every time you write on this issue, you are likely to align oneself with one of the sides. Naturally, the side that you supposedly did not align with is likely to be up in arms and condemn you. There is always a very real possibility that your paper will aggravate the situation instead of defusing the tension.

Writing such a paper requires that you have a high level of tact. This way, you will not cross over real issues affecting people, and neither will you blow them out of proportion.

How to write a police brutality research paper

One of the things to remember is that this is a scientific paper. This means that it should follow the format of a scientific research paper. Such a paper should have an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Such a paper should not only record events showing instances of police brutality, but it should also strive to give a step by step breakdown of how the brutality should be dealt with and the society brought to healing.

  • Introduction

In the initial stages of the essay, you should make sure that you make a problem statement which is also known as a hypothesis. It is also important for you to mention the reason why the paper you are writing is important. The importance of it is that it gives suggestions on how the problem at hand can be resolved. It is for the reason of showing the importance of the paper that you should outline proposed solutions to the problem of police brutality at the introduction.

  • The body

The body of such a report can be structured differently depending on your preference as a writer and also the guidelines provided. Also, there are certain segments of the paper that as a matter of necessity should be included. These include the head of the research. Head of research is the part where you explain your problem statements more fully. You should also review the literature on the issue of police brutality. The literature reviewed can be psychological literature on the reasons why police brutality and perceptions of it exist. It could also be findings of other research conducted on the same issue. You should also include the logical bridges used in dealing with the issue of police brutality from a theoretical standpoint.

In the next part of the body, you should include the practical part of the research. The information herein should include the research technique you used when gathering information for the research. All the information about the experiments and data gathering tools you used should be included at this point.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is where you write the results of the research. It is here that you draw conclusions on the research. While you should ensure that the conclusion is short, you should also make a point of writing it so that it makes sense. The conclusion should also display a logical flow of information from what is in the findings. The conclusion may also include illustrations such as graphs, charts, tables, drawings and others. Your recommendations as drawn from the findings should be included here.

One of the things that you must remember when writing a police brutality research paper is that the writing style should be such that police officers can read the report without feeling victimized. It should also be read by those on the other side of the divide without feeling like the issue of police brutality is being trivialized. Your paper should bring all of the parties together around this issue.

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