American against Al Qaeda and Taliban

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The September 2011 terrorist attack, tragically remembered as 9/11, shook America. Indeed, a total of 2,996 victims met their untimely death on that fateful day. Al Qaeda immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, as their global leader Osama Bin Laden insisted they would strike America again (Kelly, 2016). However, it is during the administration of George Bush that the Al-Qaida began tormenting America in 1996. Therefore, America’s attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan and the wars against Al Qaeda and the Taliban were not, ideally, responding to the individual attacks. Sadly, they came out as overly costly attacks. The attacks failed to achieve the strategic goal of intelligently eliminating terrorism. As Ellen Grisby notes in her book, Analyzing Politics (1987), responses to systemic vices such as terrorism call for robustly analyzed strategic terms such as gradual disarming and conditioning of criminal elements rather than an instant show of might. Furthermore, an enemy response requires one to accurately profile the opponent if the goal of netting them is to succeed. Bush administration failed this crucial step and initiated a flattered propaganda war against an unknown enemy.

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The US did not invest in a socio-political investigation of the livelihoods and formations of organized crime. Grisby notes, in Chapter four titled “Political Theory Examining the Ethical Foundation of Politics,” that such organizations as Taliban are built through years of social conditioning of vulnerable people. Therefore, the fighters develop having identified an enemy which means that they will forever be at war. In this case, a one-time response using the best artillery in the world does not erase the hate that these fighters have against their enemy (Tierney, 2016). Consequently, those who remain after the retaliatory attacks proceed with their acts. Again, every other invasion raises their anger and compels them to reorganize for more attacks. Deprived of an earnest long-term political intelligence war, the USA must never again insist on one time attacks against Terrorism.

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