Reforms in Health Care and Health Policy

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In a country, the legislative process is an essential process that forms the policy of the healthcare. In order to implement and adopt the required policies changes of the health care, the health care of the United States needs a lot of lobbying and influence. Through alliances and associations, the appropriate candidates to push forward for this change are the nurses, for instance, the Nursing Organizations Alliance (Norris, 2017). In the establishment for the required reforms in the healthcare the nurses due to their position, an increase in number and expertise obtain the greatest effective positions.  

Furthermore, American public gives respect to the nurses because they are highly ranked when it is a question of ethics or honesty in a career. Therefore, it is evident that the nurses through the factors can easily influence the policy makers and health care strategies (Arbuckle, 2013). In the legislative process, nurses should develop an understanding and interest the in order to be experienced more in the political environment, which will assist them to determine the healthcare strategy making (Lyles, 2017). In advocating for patients’ rights, nurses act as an essential tool when it comes to understanding the needs of the patients since they are best suited for that. This enables them to come up with reforms for health care strategy by supporting for better healthcare facilities for their patients. 

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Additionally, nurses should come up with strategically plans with the essence to change the health care strategy and refrain from approach related to response.  Another nurse’s role in the healthcare strategy is through comprehending these policies for the nurse to influence the people they should know who they are targeting, find strategies on how to influence these people and find an appropriate time to influence them (Norris, 2017).  On the other hand, it is important for a nurse to be aware of the political environment and know the changes that may occur in order for them to be informed there are networks specified to keep them alert of the changes in political affairs.

The Current Issues and Problems

There have been various challenges that the American healthcare organizations had to undergo. The immediate change in the standard of the healthcare works to retain the market share, which has led to the need for change.  One of the main defaults that the US healthcare had to encounter was the demand for the customer’s increase, which was based on the fact that they needed the cost of the healthcare to be reduced (Gleason & Bohn, 2017). Additionally, the implementation of a business plan took part in the erosion of the concept of the public for a perfect healthcare, which has the caring services.  In addition, there was mismanagement by the nurses and inaccuracy when dealing with the patient, which was led by flawed model.   

There are numerous associations, which take part in observing the American, flawed health care organization such as, Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Health Research and Service Administration (HRSA). The death numbers of Americans has increased is another problem, which is caused by medical miscalculation, which makes the estimated numbers of 98,000 ends up staggering (Lyles, 2017). Therefore, it might be implied that at any time the modern healthcare may breakdown with all the positive aspects of the system that are maintained.

On the other hand, it is essential to say that registered nurses act as key developers within the policy of the health care. There also part of the huge number of healthcare specialists with about 2.4 million (Gleason & Bohn, 2017). The shortage of qualified nurses has led to an emerging issue due to the effective access to quality and safety of the healthcare has been tampered. Furthermore, the demand for RNS by the organization of the healthcare is fewer compared to the new nurses that are being introduced into the health care since they are outstanding. 

   Moreover, it will be essential for the health organization to employ professional and highly educated nurses who understand the industry of the healthcare even when in need of more nurses, in order to avoid cases of inaccuracy,  medical errors, and poor treatments (Norris, 2017). The US bureau of labor statistics came up with a project with the estimation that more than one million replacement and new nurses will be increased to assist the healthcare organization. Nurse faculty scarcity is one of the other problems that the healthcare organization encounters whereby the education system for nurses struggles due to the disadvantages capacity within these education institutions (Arbuckle, 2013). The applicants that were qualified and denied the chance to study within the nursing programs and baccalaureate were about 40, 285, this was due to the faculty position was limited.

Ways of Solving These Problems

Some of the ways of solving nurse shortage may include, increasing the number of educated and qualified nurses in order for the patients who were suffering from complex diseases to get assistance. The second way a healthcare facility should employ nurses that are independent in decision-making and the system should establish strategies that will assist the patient to retain the best policy of healthcare (Norris, 2017). There also recommendations that have been established several associations such as the US Secretary for Health and Human services.  

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At the baccalaureate level, only 47.2% of nurses are degree holders. The American Organisation of Nursing Executive, AACN, and ANA emphasize the RNS attain educated at the baccalaureate level (Lyles, 2017). The second solution is based on having the title VIII Nursing Workforce development programs being reauthorized; it addresses numerous issues in the past such as scarcity of nurses, which might include education recruitment and retention. The title VIII in nursing schools it also gives grants and supports the nurses directly through traineeships, scholarships, and loans (Arbuckle, 2013). This is essential in ensuring that quality healthcare is given by qualified nurses. In conclusion, it is essential for a heath facility to hire more qualified and professional nurses for the safety of the patients, as they are minimal in number compared to employing quack individuals who will interfere with the health industry.

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