Impact of Federal Funding in Education

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One of the sources that education funds come from is the federal government. In the US, the federal government contributes a percentage less that to the education budget. This is less than 5% of the GDP that id invested in education (Darling-Hammond, 2010).  This is in spite the fact that they contribute to the rules of how the funds will be used. During the previous years, the federal government use to support the education department fully in terms of funding. This was after the World War II says Odden and Picus (2008).

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The spending of Americans in the public elementary and secondary schools in terms of funding is $500 billion and more.  Each district spends around $ 10314 for each student (Ferrick, 2015).  The spending of federal government in education varies in different districts. The elementary and secondary education systems were earlier funded by the local governments. The US has two programs that assist in the distribution of the funds. $ 13.7 billion was given to the local district schools in 2013 from No Child Left Behind Title I Grants (Mccan, 2017). The second one is the IDEA Special Education States Grants that gave $ 11 billion in the year 2013 adds Mccan (2017). The federal spending on elementary and secondary education in the US is less than 3% of the federal budget.

The basis of the distribution of the funds is on basic grants (Nowicki, 2017). The number of children in a district suffering from poverty should exceed 2 percent. There is the basis of the concentration of grants. This is the Districts that have more than 15% children suffering from poverty. There is also the basis of the targeted program that needs the funds. The teachers will be evaluated using the test scores in the schools (King, 2017). The teachers will be paid according to their performances through the students in classes.

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