Same-sex marriage: The moral and legal debate

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Without any fear of contradiction, Netherlands can sufficiently be referred to as the mother of same-sex relationships given the fact that it was the first country to legalize such unions. This phenomenon has spread to most of the European countries and many states in the USA which have adopted the practice by way of law. The elephant in the room which is alive and breathing is whether same-sex marriages should be accommodated in the society or not given that it is a real thorn in the flesh of the moral fabric of the society with most of the people rejecting it on religious among other grounds. The issue of the free world which is directly derived from both domestic and international human rights is the bedrock of the same sex marriages.

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The demand for human rights can adequately be blamed for the emergence of same-sex relationships and marriages. This is due to the fact that most people are demanding to execute only that which is in line with their conscience as long as they are not infringing upon the rights of the other people in the society (Culhane 1119). This has led to many people arguing that they are free to subject their bodies to any condition that they want and are comfortable with and that the law should not operate against their wish. Beginning from the USA which is the champion of the free world, most of its states have legalized same-sex marriages on the grounds that the practice is part of the inalienable human rights.

Furthermore, postmodernism has introduced a society in which people do not pay close attention to the cultural practices that were supposed to sustain the moral fabric of the society. As a result of this, same-sex marriages among other practices that the ancient culture regards as abominable have cropped up and comfortably be accommodated in the society. It is as though the society is undergoing moral evolution in which the abominable practices are slowly crippling back without being questioned.

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Despite some nations and states accommodating same-sex marriages, some are reluctant to adopt it especially in Africa and among the Muslim countries. Such countries base their reasoning on religious and moral grounds whereby such a practice of lesbianism and gays are a great abomination that they cannot accommodate (Baird 17). What is clear is that no Muslim country has accommodated this practice and it remains to be illegal. What is standing out is that the Christian dominated countries are the champions of the same sex marriages despite the fact that it is prohibited in the Bible.

It thus suffices to say in my informed opinion that the issue of same-sex marriages should not be accommodated in the society and by any country or state for any reason. This is due to the fact that the practice is hell bent on destroying the moral fabric of the society. Nations should come together and put in place measures to face out such practices that are harmful to the future generations.

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