Assessment and Placement of English Learners

Subject: 🎓 Education
Type: Process Essay
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Topics: Teaching Philosophy, Academic Success
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The successful placement of English learners is based on the ability of how well they are assessed on their ability to communicate and acquire content in English. In an argument by Slabakova (2010) students that English is not their first language have a difficult time in learning through the language. The first process of assessment should involve inquiring and measuring the depth of English knowledge in a learner, and how well they could communicate and comprehend the language. Also, students should also be assessed on the English syntax abilities to ensure effective learning.   

The process of placement should first involve the versatility to ensure transitional bilingual education. Palmer (2011) argues that children and students learn better and more effectively if they become fluent in their first language, before they could learn English as a second language. In this way children could become better learners they practice dual language while learning. The main disadvantage in the approach is that a student may fail to effectively adopt English, as they may feel more comfortable learning through their first language (Palmer, 2011).  

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During placement, tutors would use code switching in classrooms to allow students to capture content being spoken, which would widen their interrelation between English and their first language. Slabakova (2010) argues that for English learners, code switching is a significant approach during teaching as it allows students to understand English content from a perspective of a language they clearly understand. 

In essence, assessment before placement of English learners aims at understanding the extent and depth of a learner’s comprehension of English, before exposing them to learning experiences. Placement should be done in a way that, a program selected for a student matches their gap in regards to their understanding of the English language.

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  2. Slabakova, R. (2010). “Semantic Theory and Second Language Acquisition”. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 30: 231–247.
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