Comparing and contrasting being in high school and being in college

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For the individuals who have been lucky to pursue studies, student life has predominated most of their entire life. Indeed any individual’s student life is the most interesting and enjoyable time period. Not only does the person learn lot of things but also becomes aware of the various activities, which is relevant and plays a very significant role in the day to day life. Thus student’s life is characterized by two distinctive phases, one being the school life and other being college life.

Though education and gaining of knowledge is the primary thing, which is common between a student attending a high school or college, still there are many differences which exists between them. This is because both the high school and college are two different types of worlds, with their own distinctive characteristics which make them unique. Teachers, classes and a whole range of other factors are the ones, which makes a deep impact in the minds of students, while being in high school or in college.  But it will be seen in most cases that, there will be quite different types of liking for the students, during their life in college and in high school.

High school is often characterized by strict supervision by the faculty and it is often characterized by lesser freedom, being experienced by the students in general. The environment of college is totally different from that of high school, where the students enjoy more freedom and expression of thought, which is very vital for any individual’s growth. Students mostly prefer college than high school, since there are various reasons that they feel, they can enjoy being in college rather than at high school. These factors like selection of the classes and various courses, attendance to the classes, general open climate that exists in the college and many others are the things, which make them to have more liking for college than towards high school. Students who attend college are bound by lesser restrictions, than those attending high school.

Since the high school lays the base for any individual, it is considered as something that is very much significant for rightly molding them and which cannot be missed. But in the case of college the scenario is totally different. It is up to the wish of individuals to opt for the higher studies in college, if they have an idea to further their career. During college studies, individuals have to shoulder more responsibilities when compared to high school, where parents and teachers are there to guide and lead individuals in the right direction. When it comes to the aspect of fees, the college fees is always found to be much higher than that of high school.  If the individual opts for attending any public school, which is run by means of the government then it is totally free. But this is not the case of college, which puts much pressure on the individuals as well as their parents for funding the studies. Thus any individual who hails from a low income family, can very well attend high school but it becomes a much tougher choice when opting for higher studies in college, since they will have to pay much more. This is a big disadvantage that crops up in the case of college studies.

Time management is yet another area of great contrast wherein the case of college, students have to manage their own time whereas in high school, the student’s time is managed by their parents and guardians.  The student class strength is also found to be very high in the case of college while in case of the high school, the maximum strength varies anywhere between thirty and forty.

In high school the notes can be copied easily from other class mates, even if one misses out some classes but this is not the same in case of college. As a result attending each and every lecture is of utmost important in the case of college than high school, where classes missed can be easily overcome through classmates and consultation with teachers.  In the case of college extensive and deep learning is very much essential for getting very high marks in the University exams, whereas in case of high school exhaustive learning is not required.  Scoring marks is easier when it comes to high school, than in the case of college where students have to toil hard for getting good marks. This is the greatest advantage of academics in high school, when compared to the college.

Another important factor that comes into picture is the social relationships that individuals build up at high school and in college. There is much free time that is available in case of college, since there will be large intervals between each session, than in the case of the jam packed and hectic sessions in high school. As a result students get more time to socialize and mingle with their friends and college mates. The socializing factor is one thing that makes a very deep impact in the minds of individuals who like to remember those friendly and enjoyable college days even after so many years, since it gets etched into the memories forever. This is one of the main reasons that most of the individuals remember and cherish their days at college, much better than the days at school.

The level of activities at high school and college are also very much different. It is seen that individuals get more engaged in different types of activities like sports and cultural activities in college than at high school, where students do not have much time and are more confined to their classrooms. Thus in college the overall development of students is more than in the case of high school. In high school the students who are bookworms, can perform well and get very high grades in academics. Students attending college have got many more distractions when compared to that of the high school, where the students are more or less forced to concentrate on their studies by their parents and teachers. Because of this the students often find themselves in huge pressure situations, since academic level performance is the key, on the basis of which they are rated. College students are found to be bit more relaxed and cool when it comes to academic performance.

Since high school education lays the base for any individual’s career, parents and teachers often force students to perform and get the best grades. This is not the case with college students, where it is normally found that parental pressures are very less. Hence it is very well seen that as far as college students are concerned, they get more decision making powers than in the case of high school students, where such powers are totally vested upon the parents and guardians. It is because of this that, once students get into college they find the entire college atmosphere has got much more freedom than at high school. For this very reason most of the students enjoy their college days, much more than their days at high school and always their minds are filled with college memories.

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