Improving an After School Program

Subject: 🎓 Education
Type: Synthesis Essay
Pages: 2
Word count: 484
Topics: Study Abroad, Graduation, High School
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After school program refers to academic related activities that aims at equipping the learner with basic besides advanced level of physical education in regards to healthy living. After school program encourages students to focus in their academic work rather than concentrating in unwanted practices such as drug abuse, theft and robbery. In response to the concern, most communities are creating the after school programs to keep their children safe and away from causing trouble but to engage in helpful activities in the society. Apart from keeping students from illegal activities, the after school programs is benefiting both the students and the community as well (Haroun, 2011).  The need for after school programs also plays the role of helping the student succeed in their academic works since it relaxes an individual mind to focus in an intended duty. This helps the students develop worthy and new skills in approach of a problem. According to Hammett and Oliver (2004), the rate of crime is reducing in most schools after the introduction the program to such schools. Children keep away from bad company hence promotes the spirit of socialization in relation to general school work and activities.  In addition, the after school program enhances the reading culture in that the children are exposed to current issues affecting their livelihood.

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Research shows that the program has improved the ability of students to master complex issues in relations to subjects like mathematics and sciences. Haroun (2011) explains that after school program also supports interpersonal relationship between the parents, teachers and the students through behavior changes, social skills besides improving self confidence among peers and adults. The program help strengthen families, schools and societal ties through involvement in various activities that requires unity. Furthermore, the program equips the learners with financial skills such as savings to enable then become self reliant in the future life.

SMART Goals and Objectives

Hammett and Oliver (2004) assert that, the smart goals and after school program in relation to the objectives help solve various issues for the success of the program. These goals include; concrete organization structure, effective sustainability and management, legal meeting and requirements that addresses issues affecting the growth and development of the learners in regards to liabilities, insurance and maintenances of records, report reviews besides health and safety issues. Professional development of teaching staffs, in addition to hiring qualified staffs for the intended program at hand (Haroun, 2011).


Implementations of after school program need diverse collaboration between the parents, teachers, society and the law enforcers. These programs need improvement due to its enormous contribution to the learners and the educators. Currently, the world as a whole is working on the smart objectives to champion the norm in most schools for better tomorrow. Moreover, this program is essential to the growth and development of the learners’ ability to solve issues without third or fourth parties.

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